XD-05 Plus on Massdrop and Amazon

Really like this dac/amp combo and I didn’t know they made an upgraded version. Something to look into if you want a solid portable dac/amp

From Massdrop:

“Building on the success of the highly regarded Xduoo XD-05—a DAC/amp that changed the game with its versatile desktop-to-pocket portability—the Xduoo XD-05 Plus keeps old favorites while adding a host of new features. New on the XD-05 Plus are an AK4493EQ DAC and XMOS XU208 USB chipset to improve sound quality, as well as onboard USB-C ports to update connectivity. Another new feature is the lithium 5000mAH battery, which is capable of 13 hours of playback via USB, 21 hours via SPDIF, and 40 via aux in. Also upgraded is the power output: The XD-05 plus boasts an impressive 1000 mW at 32 ohms—ideal for even the most demanding headphones. Like its predecessor, the XD-05 Plus allows you to change out op amps without soldering to suit your listening preferences.”

Seems like a nice set of upgrades.

Amazon link here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X74SGRC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_qIrCDb5VEW7CS

It is a little more then before at around the $250 range, but I would think it could easily compete (and beat) some portable dac/amps in that price range

I chose to upgrade mine for the usb-c and battery. Should arrive before a work trip. I’ll miss the screen button but not the end of the world.

 I feel from your comments that you know your stuff! And agree with a lot of your opinion and you have helped me in the past! Thank you very much. 
 Now its time ( if you like) to help me again. I got the xd05 plus, what op amps do i get from burson. The dual 5vi? Or do you recommend something else. Wondering if they fit right.

From my experience dual does work but it’s a tad tight fit, but that would be my preference

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So get a pair of v5i dual. Thank you very much again you are awesome

Ugh i hate to be a bother but online the pics i see are with 2 v5i-s side by side or 1 v5i-d in the middle. So im a bit confused would i be able to put 2 v5i-d side by side?

That should do the trick imo, to clarify you would want the Dual v5i, not 2 single units

Ok cool so just 1 dual v5i-d. Thanks

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Oh wait the pictures on there site show single x2 that are put side by side or dual x1 in the middle.
Back to being confused

sorry my bad dual x1

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Weird because i have found dual x1 in picture(including bursons site) thats why im confused.

you want to have it look like this

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Ok cool got it now dual x1 thank you guys so much. I like a lost puppy with this stuff

im not helping lol

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Lol you ultimately did :slight_smile:

What I can say for certain is the burson sounds really nice in the xduoo :+1:

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