Xduoo MT-603 tube buffer/passive preamp

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Anyhoo, I love my Xduoo TA 26 with my DT1990 Pros or DT150’s, DT990 600ohm or KPH40i. Not so much my DT880 600ohm for some reason although I’ll give them another shot a bit later.
I digress.

Get on with it!

I was wondering if I could do something to improve/widen/fatten the soundstage a bit & I might have found a fairly inexpensive solution. An Xduoo MT603. Granted it took 2 or 3 months from the time I ordered it to get it, but it finally arrived today. It was literally saying “out for delivery” for over a week, on Amazon tracking. They had delivered an MT602 in an MT603 box a couple of weeks ago. I sent it back.

Im off track again. I’m listening to Holst The Planets as a write. First impressions are it makes the sound bigger I think, richer, but I’ll have to set up my 2nd TA26 & do side by side comparison at a later date. I’m not hearing anything to complain about. Still has plenty of detail. Things are just bigger, warmer sounding, maybe more 3D, is the simplest description I can make.

Epic Score Winterking & wow these sound good. My Sennheiser HD599SE really like tubes I think. I haven’t put them on in a long while as they were not competing well against my various Beyers, a few months ago, but I must say now that I don’t know why. They are sounding fargain awesome now.

On another post I mentioned the Topping E50 was making popping noises when the digital input was changed, or even when the source was turned off, so that isn’t acceptable. I was using the E50 remote for volune control into a Singxer SA1 into my Hafler 9505. I changed the E50 out for a Geshelli J2/AKM. It doesn’t have a remote so I switched the Singxer out for a Topping A70 Pro. The 9505 remains in the chain. No more popping noises. However, for these speakers, the sound is just too clean I guess, for movies & such. The solution is the Xduoo MT-603 connected in between the J2 & A70. Now it sounds fuller, but it’s still clean; just not too clean. Note I’m not complaining about the J2 or the A70. The A70 I’ve used a lot but with 600ohm DT990 mostly & that sounds winners.

So Xduoo MT-603 doesn’t add anything to the signal except some subtle warmth I think. No extraneous noise that i can detect. One thing though, is it seems the MT-603 created a loss of volume. Setting the J2 on it’s highest gain output solved that issue.