xDuoo TA-03s - Kinda disappointed

Just got this, I’m a little disappointed with how loud it is. I upgraded from the OLD xDuoo TA-01, which is definitely louder.

Anyone else have one of these? Either something is wrong with mine or it’s just bad. If so, please feel free to recommend any other alternatives. It does not need to be a combo, but I’d prefer it not take up a ton of desk space.

My budget is around $800 or so.

Sorry to hear that… I was pretty close to buying one of these at one point

This thread may help you:

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Useful. Honestly I’m pretty not that versed in all this stuff. Might just do a post and have people tell me what to get.

With your budget theres alot of options… I’m not the guy to ask but a post would likely help you out (tomorrow when they’re awake lol)… I went with the darkvoice in the end over the 03s

What headphones are you using?
The 01 is like 2W into 32 Ohms, the 03 is only 300mw, less into low impedence headphones.
The 01 is a hybrid, and the 03 is as far as I can tell a pure tube amp, so they are radically different.


The TA-03s is definitely a DAC/Amp combo.

I tested with DT 770 @ 250 ohms & HD 660s @ 150.

Ended up returning the unit.

Sorry for late reply.

Thanks for your help. Sorry for late reply.

no worries

polygon was referring the type of tube amp (otl vs hybrid) not whether or not it had a dac… this will make a difference in which types of headphones it will play nice with… good luck in the search

Thanks for clarification. Hence my username :slight_smile:

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