Xduoo ta 10 help

So my friend reeeeally wants this. He uses meze 99 neo. Will the low impedance be an issue? Also he wants to tube roll as well. Looking for a very punchy, mid forward and bassy sound.

The output impedance of TA 10 is 5.8 ohm according to here.

The impedance of meze 99 neo is 26 ohm or even 18 ohm according to here.

TA 10 has way too much output impedance for meze 99 neo. I don’t recommend it. About tubes I can’t help.

Audiosciencereview used HD650 for testing, 300 ohm… so.

TA-10’s Suitable Headphone Impedance: 8-600 Ohm

So it should be fine with the neo’s Impedance of 26 Ohm and 103 Db 1kHz/1mW sensitivity

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I failed to see how HD650 has anything to do with the output impedance of TA 10.

Plus Amir used HE-400i, too.

That’s what I thought as well… I don’t know why ppl say not to use high output impedance amps on low impedance headphones. I tried my nighthawks on a loxjie p20 (the balanced hybrid tube amp) and it sounded perfectly fine…

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Because it alters the damping factor and frequency response. You may like what you’re hearing but still.

Nasty effects of high output impedance is when you drive a low impedance headphone with OTL tube amps. Try using something like darkvoice with HE-400i.

Oh and high output impedance limits the current.

Is there any convincing of having your friend look at the liquid plat? It’s still on sale for $399 and is quite the amp, easily outperforming the ta10

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Talked to him about it and he said nah. But he did find the g1217 project sunrise and god damn even I think it’s pretty cool, and has a 1.5 ohm impedance mode for low impedance headphones. any thoughts on it? I may even pick one up for my nighthawks…