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  • Point1 Hybrid-Tube
  • Point2: Fully Balanced in and out
  • Point3 Class A Buffer

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My unit just came in tonight. Ordered on Sunday the 10th from Apos Audio, and it arrived a day early. I live on the West Coast-ish.

I got the stock tubes, if anyone tries those Apos Audio Ray Tubes ($180 matched pair) that they’re trying to push it would be cool to see if you hear any difference.

First Impressions: Build quality is on par with the rest of the xDuoo lineup.

The interface is very well done IMO. The volume knob is pushed in to select the source. When turning it there is a subtle mechanical click for each tick of volume, 0-99. With very little travel between each volume level, it feels very responsive.

One issue with my unit is the front 4.4 output. When I plug in my HD 800s with the stock cable it goes in loose as a goose with room to wiggle until it’s about 90% inserted. Then I have to push in a little harder than what feels comfortable until it snaps in. The last 10% of travel keeps it in place. My unit’s front XLR and 6.35mm jacks felt fine.

I could be convinced to open it up and check out the layout. If there’s any interest let me know.

I’ll have to wait a bit to get a better feel for how it sounds. But I will say it sounds just fine with non-burnt-in tubes on my Verum MKII. :hear_no_evil:


As an OG TA-20 owner, which is a great little amp, btw, I am definitely curious as to how this new version sounds and how much of a step up it is from the original. Looking forward to your impressions. :+1:t2:


I got a ta-22 a few months ago, which I like a lot, but I wish I had just waited a few months for this. That’s the deal with this hobby though. Will definitely be interested in your experience. Sounds like the noise floor is quite low. The change in weight from the 20 to the 20plus (3 to 9 lbs) is crazy

Awesome, I am VERY interested by this one. Hope your gonna let us know how it sounds once the amp is warmed up! Have a good one

Hi. I am new to the hobby but was interested in a tube hybrid and obviously ran across the ta 20 plus. would love to hear your thoughts on it a week later. My only stack right now is the atom stack

Sounds like an improvement over the ta-22 when purely looking at sound quality. Doesn’t seem like a big jump though. Would be interested in more SQ comparisons with the ta-22. Debating whether to move on from the ta-22. Agree that Xduoo is having a moment for sure.


I would probably hold off at least till apos has a sell IMO must xduoo stuff seems to go on sale fairly quickly.


Definitely agree with DropTables.

xDuoo routinely goes on sale for 15% off on nearly all holidays. Next up will likely be the 11.11 sales from the ChiFi retailers. If you can wait a few weeks there will probably be discounts offered then.


Passion for Sound compares the Sparkos Gemini ($950) with the ta-20plus ($500) at the end of the review. Sounds like it holds its own. Have been some good sales with 11/11 and Black Friday.

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I just watched this review. Nicely done, @WaveTheory I always enjoy the thorough nature of your work. I also threw a comment in that section as opposed to doin it here as I figured you would prefer to have that action on the channel!

How is the sound of the amp after using it for a couple months? Being a hybrid tube amp, does it sound pretty tubey and warm compared to really linear SS amps from topping/smsl?

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