🔷 xDuoo TA-26 Tube Amplifier

This is the official thread for the xDuoo TA-26

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  • 500mW output power
  • 6N8P and 6N5P tubes
  • Headphone and Preamplifier

:red_circle: Xduoo


Z Reviews…

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Glad they are not an amateur resistance…


gotta love Engrish!

Xduoo are on a roll releasing so many tube amps in such a short space of time


500MW at 300 and 600 ohms It looks like a serious competitor to the Darkvoice.


The MT-602 is the design, the MT-604 is just Copy&Paste side by side.

Quantity ≠ Quality

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Does anyone know how this compares to the Bottlehead Crack?

Hi…I think the Feliks ought to do well with the Avia, the Ta-30 will have exceptionally small usable volume control some time recently it is as well boisterous to be usable so whereas SQ is likely around rise to, the Reverberate may be a much more reasonable buy. As for Resound vs Schiit Valhalla2 - they are for all reasonable utilize cases indistinguishable in both control and sound quality. Purchase the one you just like the see of way better or the one you’ll get for the slightest cost.

It looks like it could be a re-skinned Darkvoice amp. Exact same features and layout.

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It is essentially that which is nice as another option. That tube setup 6AS7 and 6SN7 is my favourite tube combo compared to the bottle head crack’s 6AS7 and 12AU7

Yeah, I thoroughly enjoy the Darkvoice. When you get a quality pair of tubes with good synergy it really does sound good.

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Got the TA-26 yesterday. Unfortunately I have 50/60 Hz hum on my HD800. It is not from the source, the humming is also there when the RCA are disconnected. Not audible as soon as something is playing but whenever there is some silence in the track you hear it.

I also have the hum on my unit

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I contacted the seller. They said the unit might be broken and I have to send it back.
When they got the amp and checked it they told me the humming is normal for a tube amp. They offered me my money back what I accepted.

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I wonder if it’s the same thing as humming darkvoices. I remember dms saying to take the power tube out leaving the pre amp in and leave the amp running till the hum goes away. Im currently attempting to do so but the hum only occurs when the power tube is inserted.

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As far as I heard the TA-26 is pretty much a copy of the darkvoice. This 60Hz hum is common there too ((ASR measurements)

For the darkvoice there is the “Fitz mod” to solve this issue but the TA-26 is build more compact so its not easy to install there.

The hum is related to the power supply. Don’t think changing the tubes will change anything.

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Didn’t dms say the darkvoice wasn’t designed for us markets. I guess it could apply on this amp as well. The stock tubes for my unit have already stopped buzzing from the few hours I spent listening yesterday. Gonna try whatever he did on his darkvoice to see if other tubes stop humming as well.

Even with the humming problems, I’m still quite happy with the sound.

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I would treat this like a DV.
Hasn’t the recommendation always been to run the units sans power tube for a few days to avoid this?
I had heard enough of that to simply do that before ever listening to DV. No hum. I’d follow this approach with any new preamp tube in these units.


It took a jj 6sn7 around 48 hours to fully stop humming in my unit. Gonna try a tung sol and natural sound next. Currently swapping between a jan 6080 and stock for the power tube. Hum was much more present initially with the 6080&jj combo vs the stock set but has since went away since burning in the jj.