🔷 xDuoo TA-26 Tube Amplifier

I know this is a somewhat old thread but is it worth upgrading from a TA-26 to a euforika h5 with the mik upgrade? would prefer not to go the bottlehead crack route as I have never sottered and my time is more limited to do the DIY projects. but would the bottlehead with the speedball upgrade be the way to go over either one of these?

Last night I set up both of my TA26’s into my movie sound rig, just swapping out power & signal from my Singxer SA1’s. I put the TA26’s on top. I’m lazy. Feeding them signal from my Topping E50 TRS balanced outs to split RCA cables. Things didn’t sound right. Discovered I had the balanced lines backwards. Reversed them & magic sound. Was using 600ohm DT880 & have changed my mind about them with the TA26. Everything my girlfriend & I watched sounded fantastic. I put both amp on maximum volume & used the E50 remote for volume control. Great combo folks. 600ohm DT880s-TA26-E50. Note -10db on the E50 is theater level loud. -16db is loud enough. -24db you can still talk.