xDuoo TA-26 Tube Rolling Questions!

you should be fine. even if there isnt much of a difference, it gives you a backup for if the tube dies down the road. having a spare never hurts as just like a lightbulb, you never know when that filament might break.

edit: and the tube world loves NoS tubes. that includes many current production models that come with NoS tubes you may or may not be able to find easily.

Should i switch the stock tube with the Sino right away or wait till the stock tube to go bad?

i would personally switch. because i like trying out new toys lol. try it out, just cause he didnt hear a difference, doesnt mean there isnt one. if it sounds the same, pack it back up for a rainy day. or use it and pack up the stock one.

edit: one thing i will say. get some foam. foam is cheap. poke holes where the pins are and use it as a cover on the pins. will help slow down corrosion over time if you plan on keeping things for 20+ years. if you dont think you will, dont worry about it. someone else’s problem lol.

I will probably switch it to the Sino and leave it

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id probably do the same. i dont have any stock tubes in any of my tube or hybrid amps, and i got about a half dozen of them.

edit: but this is a very subjective hobby. one mans tastes are another mans horrors. so i try to guide people i help versus telling them do this.

I also got these from what the tube rolling page you shared me

those are both good tubes. i have those ones and can attest to them.

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I am probably going to use the RCA and Sino together first, since i got a pair of the RCA

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You should buy the tube i posted in the beginning of my post, i am using it on my Lyr3 and it sound so amazing, it’s worth checking out! FR!

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I might buy a pair in the future, i want to keep it in stock with me at all times lol