xDuoo TA-26 Tube Rolling Questions!

I am pull the trigger on the xDuoo TA-26 and I have 6sn7 tubes already. Do i need a adapter to use it on the TA-26? And if i need to buy new tubes, this is the shape that i am looking to use it on the TA-26!

6sn7 should work in the 6ns8 socket

Do I need a matched pair or does it have to be different ones?

it uses 2 different sockets. 6N8P, 6N5P the 6n7 should in theory work in the 6n8 socket

So basically I have to buy 6N8P and 6N5P tubes?

6sn7 is the russian tag. 6n8p is the chinese. they are the same. the 6n5p you would need a new tube on if you wanted to replace it. your collection of 6ns7’s should work fine.

Okay thank you so much for your help :pray:

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Does the 6sn7 go on the front or on the back?

the front one is the 6n8p(6sn7) socket

Tried finding 6n5p tubes, i can’t really find any, there ain’t many options. Is there other names for it?

US-type 6AS7G or soviet type 6N13S

What do you recommend?

edit: that article has lists of tubes and sound signatures.

Do you know an article where people did tube rolling for the 6sn7 tubes? On the TA-26?

that article has a list of tubes they use for both sockets.

i have not tried this tube, but it is highly regarded for the power tube socket on the ta-26(not specifically the 26, just in general). might give you a point of basis to search off of to see if the tube is right for you.

edit: your collection of 6sn7 tubes will work on the pre-amp(front tube). if you dont have one you like, it is the cheaper socket to roll with more options available as a lot of amps use that tube as a pre-amp(lots of hybrids and full otl’s)

I bought these, are these okay?

they should be. most tubes are good. avoid most chinese tubes and you are usually good. chinese tubes are cheap, but in my experience, not the best.

ultimately, you can spend a lot of money on tubes if you go down the rabbit hole. there are many, many tubes, for each socket typically. though as time progresses, the options begin to dwindle as tubes 100% have a shelf limit and filaments burn up. getting any NoS tubes now, rather then later, that you are interested in, is a good idea imo.

edit: rca tends to almost always be a solid choice. some of the highest quality from back in the day.

The Sino one i bought is Chinese is it okay? Or is it going to be badly made and sound really bad? I bought a pair, I think it’s going to be pretty good since it is offered in multiple websites. It’s on Tube Depot and the tube store!

i wouldnt worry. tube depot doesnt sell crap.

There is a review for it lol
Well it’s not a review nevermind lol