xDuoo X2S: A very simple DAP

I’m not a big fan of DAPs because my phone does everything better with an external DAC AMP,
BUT I also like simple DAPs like this one to just play whatever comes on.

Does anyone already have this DAP or want to buy this one? I haven’t found any reviews on it yet.
It seems to be pretty powerful for the size with 250mW in 32 Ohm single ended. For comparision:
My BTR5 has 240mW balanced and 80mW single ended and is not that much smaller than this one.

For 50€ it might be a good deal. What’s your opinion on it?


I would say a lot of whats should help decide what DAP to get would be the music you’re going to play and the format it comes in. one, if you want to stream from Spotify or such, you’ll have to look elsewhere as this doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth. it’s also limited to 128GB cards, so depending on how big your music files are, that may seriously cramp your style.

it is darn cute though, that is for sure!

I ordered it now. 128gb isn’t a problem for me and I will probably not put all my music on it so I don’t loose track of all my tracks with that simple user interface (pun intended).
I’ll just use it with my KPh30i to shuffle through anything I put on it and don’t have any other distractions as with a phone.

I think I’ll do a short written review when I receive it and tested it for some days.


I have just received mine. I like it a lot. More basic than Shanling M0, Surfans F20, Ibasso… but very powerful and my FLAC files sound superb - just play and forget. For FLAC have to use Folders for A-Z by artist as artists/albums not recognised. Doesn’t bother me, nor lack of album art, as on the go the sound is very good, very compact and easy to navigate and one of the smallest yet most powerful dap I’ve ever owned.

yeah, I love mine as well. I convert everything to MP3 for proper Album/Artist listing but for on the go use this doesn’t bother me, and I’m not using resolving headphones on it anyways

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Upgrade to 1.51 firmware so you can use as DAC, just upgrade and okay

I have one of these little guys on the way to be part of my little non-Android DAP collection that I’m putting together. I hear good things about the sound quality and I’m definitely excited to try it out.

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