Xduoo XA-10 new dac/amp combo questions

Hi Guys,

I want a new Dac/amp.
I found this new Xduoo XA-10 (2* AK4493 (not the lasted chip, but really good tested on several products), Xmos216 (most use 208), Altera max 2, class A amp, fully balanced ), Transistor NIchicon.
it looks really promising, MQA full decoding, Dsd 512.

“problem” is that I don’t know much about the brand, I heard some rumors that some old devices have issues with USB, or USB drivers or I don’t know.

Cost 479$. for that amount, I could get a Topping e30 +A50s (for the balanced output) that would cost 400$ ( e30 also uses ak4493) but xa10 uses 1 per channel which should be better.

For now, I will wait a bit, for some review, anyone already got it? or any big problem with the brand?
please let me know!

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Glad to help you, xduoo is a chi-fi brand and they always produce the solid gears, yes, true thing, XA-10 is great that I have tried, we also have invited some reviewers to give their thought, they will post soon, if you still hesitate, just stop to purchase till the review comes out, or welcome to order from shenzhenaudio.com, we provide 7days DOA PRODUCT GUARANTEE and 30days no reason.


A thorough an in-depth review. Hope it’ll help.

XA-10 have very average resolution/clarity for its price point. One can get dac and amp with better clarity at $479.

I think either xduoo implementation was not upto the mark, or the dac chip (AKM4493) can do better than this which i highly doubt.

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Go with e30 + a50s combo, that’s a better value and clarity in $500, but you will miss out some feature such as mqa, bluetooth, 2 unit rather than single unit with xa-10.

Thanks for your feedback
well after checking the measurement of the device on ASR which was quite BAD to be honest I decided to go in other direction.
found a really nice promo on Ali express for DX7 pro 560 and I got that , no MQA but I am really happy with the product ESS9068pro and nice amp, so I am quite happy, I know the impendance “issue” but I am good with it, most of my headphones are more than 150 ohms should be affected.

Has anyone tried Argon MK3s with the Xduoo XA-10? How did they pair?

Just ordered an XA-10 from the Linsoul Sale £300 Inc shipping ,:grin:

Unusually poor quality review from Joshua didnt go into detail about the sound and spent most of the review oddly comparing it to the much more expensive topping stack

Reassuring he found his Planars sounded killer with the XA-10 but didn’t say why.

Hey there! Will you share your impressions of the XA-10? Especially with the Argon mk.3