XDUOO XD-05 Plus

i wanted to know from some xd-05 plus users
is it dry sounding?
i want some warm , lush sound amp
i dont want that much details , i just want some thick, musical and enjoyable sound from hd 650

Just received a new XD-05 Plus yesterday after ordering one during the recent 11.11 sale in China.

I thought it might make a nice “stack” with my old iPhone 6s that has been languishing in a drawer for the past two years after it was replaced by my current daily driver iPhone Xs.

Anyway, the sound quality is great and lives up to the praise given to it by Zeos. Sounds every bit as good as my FiiO Q5S with the THX amp.

With some quality double-sided tape, and a Woo Audio lightning to USB C jumper you have a really neat portable stack. Not exactly pocketable but you wouldn’t really buy the XD-05 Plus if that’s what you were looking for…

Makes the Tin P1’s sound better than I’ve ever heard them on the high gain setting and the bass switch flipped on. Also sounds great with my Sendy Aiva’s and Nighthawk’s. Was a bit too much for Elegia’s, but that’s okay.

I don’t have any higher impedance cans, but now I have the incentive to go get some :wink:.