XDUOO XD05 PRO Talk/Impressions/Reviews

Ordered be nice to have more power than my Hiby R6PRO2.


I was expecting this to be more. You get a lot for the price, especially with the discount. I haven’t read any comparisons with its competitors yet (Q7, H7, etc). It’s way more versatile. Had this come out 6 months ago, I’d be jumping at it. Definitely interested, but just can’t justify it right now. Maybe 11/11.

Looks pretty cool for the price point. I just wonder what they’ll release on the dac/op amp card side of things, and if they’ll actually be worthwhile or not for what they bring, one of those features that could be gimmicky or could be interesting if they do it right. Definitely checks a lot of boxes in IO and features lol

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Looks like op amps are a easy switch.
I have some Sparkos 3602 and some Burson V5id coming so I can play.

I am perfectly happy with the ESS bit love if they make a R2R sounds like that’s in the plan.

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Cool cool, the burson in the og xd05 was a nice upgrade, will be curious on your experience with those and the sparkos in this one

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Here is my impressions of the XDUOO XD05 PRO with the Sparkos OpOmps