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  • Driver Type: 1DD 8BA’s
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Cable Type: 6N OCC Copper Single Crystal Silver-plated with swappable 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm terminations

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Z Reviews

Frequency Response by Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews


Video Reviews

Text Reviews

audiodiscourse.com (Are they suitable for modern jazz?)
BLOG:Ear-Phone-Review (Objective sound Impression)
MMORPG.com (Some Xenns UP comparisons)
hearingthingz.wordpress.com (Top and Tea 2 Similar???)

also some Japan Reviews:

forum.gamer.com (Xenns Line comparison)
audio-sound-premium.com (What genres is this set perfect for?)


by HawaiiBadboy: "First thoughts? best Xenns set not named “UP” “
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by NYMZ: “The lastest release from XENNS, Mangird Top, has reached the Tea Cult Leader.The review will follow shortly but, as I’ve been spoiling on my forum thread, the Top is already one of my top picks for 2022 and probably my favourite set from Mangird so far.”
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by NYMZ: “Neutral with a bass boost. Less upper mids intense Variations. Pretty well balanced and nothing stood out so far other than a tiny-mini elevation around 5k.Techs are good, mainly stage, separation and layering. On first passage, I’d say it’s at least competitive and I personaly like it.”
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Another review on YouTube: Xenns Mangird Top - Resting on Top of the IEM pile? - Honest Audiophile Impressions - YouTube


headphones.com (Not so rosy with this IEM…)

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headfonia.com (Thieaudio Oracle MKII vs Xenns Top (spoiler Top better))

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Interesting info from Headfonia… Top much better treble; Oracle MKII slightly more mid-bass. I would probably still go for Top, between these 2, knowing that info. (Inaccurate mid-bass info, according to Giz and VSG’s graphs, and HBB graph showing about equal mid-bass). The treble graph of Top looks quite clean & controlled, although Zeos’ review says they are extremely relaxed IEMs, sadly :\ (I thought Oracle was very dull & boring) Where is Crin’s graph? :disappointed_relieved: Mangird, pls send me review unit :purple_heart:

Moonlight for me has no bass and enough energy. If you want chill IEMs for work, can take them, if you want relax and enjoy your music maybe Xenns Top) Oracle MKII seems to be way behind :wink: Maybe MKII has too much treble and because they worse then in Top :thinking:

I think Top is midway between variations and monarch mkii…a gem for harman target lovers…