XL pads mod for SIVGA 002, 003, 004, 005, 007

Hello, my name is Michał . For start i need to sorry for my english but this topic could be important for some of you. I like to show you how i put xl pads (brainwavs in my case, but i am sure other ones can use this method too) on SIVGA 007 (and i think not only those, it`s depends of how they look inside).

  1. U need sheet of plexi about 1mm thick to perfrom this mod and some tools to make a circle marks on it. Good to have caliper too to make easy measurements. Be creative:
  2. Now u need to unscrew your outside pice of headphone (like on photo) and take measurement of inner size and outer size of your new ear pad.
  3. Now you need to put your inner and outer side on this plexi glass:
  4. Because it`s 1mm plexi glass u can easy use scissors to cut rings.
  5. You have rings so it`s time to put them on headphones. If you bend plexi you should bypass this outer plastic whre you speakers are attach but i just cut them becase i afraid of brake. I make two cuts on each but better idea is to make only one cut and u easy put them in place. you can loosen the screws to easy attach plexi and tighten them after plexi in place .
  6. Finnal polish. In my case plexi have a bit sharp edges so i use tape to cover them up. If you like you can perfrom a other way (be creative:P)
  7. Put your pads on! Enjoy!


Nice work! They look like giant grados now haha