XLR Mic interface and Mixer suggestions


I am currently looking into giving streaming a go.

I have the following already

Schiit BF2 and Asgard 3 for my audio

Shure MV7 for my mic

Now i was looking at the GoXLRMini for the Mic as with the faders i could also control the levels for games, discord etc… seperately.

Can anyone suggest an interface i can purchase for the Mic, such as the Focusrite Solo 4th gen or Audient ID4 MkII USB or Audient EVO 4 are just a few examples, but then i also would like to be able to manage various audio sources.

i am UK based if that makes it easier


Julian Kraus is a good source for audio interfaces. https://www.youtube.com/@JulianKrause

Yamaha AG03 or AG06 could work for you.

  • Mic goes to channel 1 via XLR
  • Game-Audio (or music) comes from the Bifrost into 3/4 via XLR to TRS cables
  • Onboard-audio from the mainboard into 5/6 via 3.5mm TRX to 2x RCA
  • USB-Audio is then free for Voice-chat
  • AG06 to Asgard from Main-Out via TS-to-RCA cables

You then assign each application to a different audio device and off you go :wink:

Since you already have a usb mic that doesn’t need an interface, you could just use voicemeeter or if you want hardware use a streamdeck+.