XLR Microphone for casual gaming

By following yours advice i’ve bought audio interface with xlr input for microphone and since then i’ve been using Antlion ModMic with adapter but now i think it’s time to upgrade it. Could you recommend any XRL microphone that would be able to pick only my voice without any backround? (I’m living with 2 rommates and our “battlestations” are in the same room plus on the back i have tv that is on almost everytime)

Thank you in advance!

Without background is hard to do, reduced ambient pickup would be a dynamic mic.

Cheap and good enough would be a Shure PGA48.

These here are not what I would consider “for casual use”:
Best bet would be a “reporter style”-mic. See if you can find a used Sennheiser MD42 or Rode Reporter

Depending on your budget, the “jack of all trades” SM57LC will work nicely.

don’t forget you want an audio interface to go alongside that microphone since it’s a xlr. Behringer um2 is nice for a very budget friendly audio interface and Focusrite Scarlett is nice too for the more expensive interface and microphones.

My interface is Focusrite Scarlett Solo and I think I will give a try to PGA48 :wink: Thank you for idea. If it comes to arm stand for desk is it worth it to buy the cheapest one from Amazon?

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Those will do, yes.
On some of them, you might want to loosen the bolts a bit as they have a weakpoint where they connect to the base.

You can also reinforce them by stuffing a steel rod in there like I did on mine: