XLR shorter than 1foot or 30cm guys?

always 3ft or longer so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, just got the 789 in and wanted to jump onto xlr, i know the 789 is fake balanced but i still want to see if my chain runs better off of XLR but idk if it will and it probably wont but if there is a chance it will then i would like to try and hearing a difference from RCA would be pretty cool. Thanks guys!

Hi mon mon, qt

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If your looking to hit the 1ft mark these are solid on amazon and aren’t expensive


If you want smaller than that the schiit pyst cables are pretty great, 10in, which imo if you go smaller than that, you might have a pretty hard time getting the cables to reach to your dac if it’s stacked on top of the amp

If you want something super short, these guys make solid cables, you should be able to choose 6in, and they also sell angled versions as well if you want that


Hart Audio cables - if you are in the US might be something to consider.

Shortest one I know:

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Fankies qt. ^^
as helpful and as active as always.

Found a brand named mogami.

allegedly they are objectively better than any other cable at shielding from electrical noise which as far as i know is the only concern for audio cables.
paid 50 for a pair

Nice, mogami makes good stuff, generally for xlr I hear the carnare star quad is good for rejection as I think that’s supposed to be the best for noise rejection, but mogami is right up there as well

oh okay thought i landed on the top ones, no matter! I cant take issue with how these have performed in practice, i think that if there are to be an audible difference the cables are probably just very very bad for whatever reason. always good to see you chime in with your knowledge mon mon UwU

You still got an excellent cable so I wouldn’t worry about it lol, I use mogami gold myself in some of my setups (along with carnare), really good for what it is and worth the cost imo

Just found these. Do these incorporate the Star Quad wire you were referring to? Seems like a really good deal for $30 / pair.

Yes, pretty sure