XTZ EDGE A2-300 or UcD400 DIY Kit


I have started assembling my stack, for now, I have

  • DAC : Denafrips Ares II
  • Speakers : Klipsch RP 600M
  • Headphones : Aeon RT Closed and Sivga Phoenix (and SHP9500 as a beater for gaming)
  • Amp : Vintage Pioneer SX 680

Now I need a headphone amp and a new amplifier (the Pioneer is gonna be my living room amp with some vintage speakers) and I was thinking about buying the Topping A90 as a headphone amp and use it as a preamp with a nice and compact class D amp

As for the amp I have two in mind, the XTZ A2-300 and the DIY UcD400, I have no problem assembling the UcD400 and the price is not far apart, my idea is this

PC → USB → Denafrips → XLR → A90 → XLR or RCA → Speaker amp

I looked at those amplifiers because they had good reviews, lots of power (if I ever upgrade to less sensitive speakers) and they are very compact (as I want to literally stack the components to take the less amount of space in my desk)

As I can see it

Pros :

  • Already assembled, less chance of screwing things up
  • Maybe better than a cheap DIY kit?
  • Auto power on

Cons :

  • No balanced input

Pros :

  • Balanced Input
  • Supposedly better performance over ICE modules

Cons :

  • I can screw up and kill the thing assembling it wrong
  • Looks like it does not have an auto power on

What do you guys think? You have any recommendation or critique?