Y'all seen the new joker movie?!?!?!

Best movie of the year IMO
what did you guys think about it?

Apparently I spend too much time reading and watching audio reviews to notice that there’s a new Joker movie.

the problem is though that if they want to create an extended universe from this movie, the Joker and Batman stories will be in different time periods.

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I appreciated the movie more than I liked it. Overall I felt unengaged and the depictions of mental health were reductive. If the script was better I probably would’ve loved it. Also felt the music was out of place. Everything else was great (cinematography, acting, pacing, designs, etc).

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cant believe they had Gary Glitter playing at such a pivotal moment in the movie, he’ll get royalties from that

Well they are rebooting Batman again with Robert Pattinson, yes from twilight…
But I would prefer they’d leave this movie alone and move on with other things for the new Batman movie

I think that if they would’ve gotten any deeper into explaining his mental illnesses it would’ve done more harm than good

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That’s kind of my point. They just present it as “guy gets off meds and becomes a serial killer”. It felt cheap and lazy.

My understanding this movie will be stand alone but there’s already talk about a potential sequel.

Really? I didn’t get that impression at all. To me the movie made it clear from the beginning that he was unhinged and that he was barely hanging on. I didn’t get the impression that he needed his pills and the social worker visits because they were helping, but because it helped him to reinforce the illusion that he might just be ok

Unhinged? He seemed pretty stable and non-violent until the train scene. He definitely suffered from something but not to the point of being unstable (at least in the beginning acts).

One of the themes of the movie is mental illness how it leads to violence acts like mass shooting. The movie doesn’t really take a position so it’s leaves it up to the viewer to decide. That was the interpretation I (and friends who are also therapists and healthcare workers that saw the film) took away from that particular theme.

yeah unhinged lol
the laugh was always the thing that gave it away, he was trying really hard to hang on, but when the charade came down after confronting Wayne he just didn’t care and he gave in. He accepted who he really was and embraced it.

you got a taste of his backstory but it would have been better to spend like 10 minutes on his backstory with really gruelling flashbacks, I think that would have made his mental state more relatable if w saw how messed up his life has been thus far

Agree to disagree. The laughing disorder was explained or alludes to the Pseudobulbar affect (which to my understanding does not lead to violent behaviors). The movie doesn’t really explain what it is but it’s implied as a non-violent reaction especially in the scene with the child on the train. I see where you’re coming from and a lot of people have a similar perspective. I don’t share that same opinion.

:face_with_monocle: Hmm that may be accurate, but if I recall correctly this phenomenon was disproven by the hairy ball theorem

but in all seriousness yeah, I actually knew an older guy with PBA from work who would just break out laughing during meetings for no reason and had to take some medication, but I don’t think it really helped imo. He stopped going to meetings because he felt bad about interrupting them


While I was watching it in the theater I was thinking this reminds me a whole lot of taxi driver if it had a really weaksauce remake set in the DC universe and made by an amateur. I have no idea what made critics lose their shit over it. Only positive for me is the performance of Joaquin Phoenix is great for what he had to work with.