Yamaha HS 50M vs Pioneer SP-BS21-LR

Hello All,

I’ve been offered a pair of Yamaha HS 50Ms. I’m currently using a pair of Pioneer SP-BS21-LRs and a SW-8-K Subwoofer. I use this primarily for games and music from my PC. The more research I do on studio monitors the more it seems like the setup will be quite the hassle due to how different it is from my current setup… So I was wondering before going through all the effort to set them up properly, are they worth the effort? Will they be an upgrade?


Hmmm. Well personally if you are mainly using the speakers for music, I would actually stick with your current setup if you are satisfied. If you wanted to venture into music production the HS50M might be worthwhile. I think if you did like the sound, upgrading to SP-BS22-LR’s might be up your alley as I think that would be a upgrade to what you are using now if you liked the sound signature of the speakers you have now.

Ah, Thank you! I was suspecting that maybe those speakers weren’t the right path to go down. I’ve mostly been a headphone user, and only recently figured I should do some sort of upgrade to my speakers. So a friend gave me those Yamahas.

Well if he gave them to you, you should try them out for yourself and make the decision yourself lol. Don’t let anything I say influence a decision you can easily make for yourself

Agreed. You should try them yourself to see if they are worth it. It’s only a hassle because usually you need an audio interface and extra cables, but you could probably get away with hooking them up to your computer without the interface as long as you have the right cables. These will likely have a lot more detail and clarity in them compared to your Pioneer’s.

That’s true but I don’t think it will be that much more detail tbh. It will mainly be a less exciting more flat signature, that some may not enjoy. It’s a decent speaker for it’s job, but for average music listening it does fall kinda short. Also they kinda lack in spatial recreation and can sound pretty two dimensional at times

I was always going to try them, it would have been rude not to. I bought the cables to run them. But basically as far as I can tell my sub-woofer wont work with it, my receiver wont work with them, there’s most likely going to be noise when I’m not playing anything. All these things can be fixed with purchasing the right equipment. But if right off the bat it was known that they weren’t as good as what I had, I would definitely stop researching after the purchasing of the cables and save my money to upgrade my speakers with something that would work with everything I already have.

I mean I don’t think one is clearly better than the other, just different. Really comes down to preference

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