YAXI HD650 pads?

I stumbled upon these on Amazon and they don’t have any reviews. Has anyone tried them (on any model, not just HD650) or is anyone willing to take a hit and buy them? Thanks for any help.

Yaxi pads are well regarded, I was looking at getting some sometime for both my 58x and something like a kph30i, maybe even their fostex pads etc. On 650 expect them to be going and bloated in the bass afterwards. The 58x takes aftermarket pads better imo due to the fact that you can dampen the driver. So on something as warm as a 6xx I’d suggest against it cus it never did the trick for me personally.

100$CAD on eBay. Lol, no thanks.

So like most pad swaps on Sennheisers it bloats the bass? Well schiit. I just want a pair of pads that I don’t need to replace every year. Do you know about any of the dekoni pads? (I have the velour ones and the bass gets boomy while some detail is lost)

I hear they dont do it as bad as say dekoni pads but still it is a thing. For 650 I think we are all sol unless we can easily dampen the driver, the problem is I dont know how that will make it sound. With the 58x dampening the driver makes it more 660 like and then the pad should make the bass fall between 660 and 58x but with nore punch due to better seal.(for dekoni velour) I’ve not seen graphs for the yaxi so it would be intresting to still experiment.

What do you mean by dampen the driver? Like foam in front or behind like it come with, just thicker? Or do you mean a proper driver mod?

Proper driver mod like adding felt or sone kibd of material to limit air flow. Less air in less sound out etc.

Like the one described here?

Exactly! :slight_smile: good find.

Cool. Thanks for the help. I’ll try those mods and see if the dekoni elite velours sound better (those pads make my hd58x the most comfortable things ever).

Yes!! They are really nice feeling :slight_smile:

I posted the results of the TP mod with dekoni pads in the main hd58x jubilee thread.