Yaxi pads in the Netherlands

Yo, I’m planning on buying yaxi pads for portapro and since I’d like free shipping I’m ordering six pairs. Yaxi pads aren’t really available here, not even on amazon so I’m ordering them from the yaxi site. I’m only going to keep two pairs though so if some other folks want to buy the rest from me that would be great. If you guys know a place where these organised purchases are discussed please let me know!

Quick question, have you tried looking at different amazon sites, in some cases they do ship to you if you try from a different one. The site itself rarely matters as long as you put in the correct country and address

I live in Israel where shipping is also a pain in the arse, sometimes i order from Amazon UK, sometimes from the DE, and some items (regardless of the seller) will change.

In my experience they do get smudged pretty easy, so maybe keep three pairs. You’ll probably be able to sell them on marktplaats or maybe Tweakers.

Yeah I was planning on selling them there. I’m keeping one extra pair to be safe but I’m selling the other ones. Also, I have an unopened Tinhifi T2 plus package from linsoul for 28 bucks if you’re interested.

Ha @Alexander , heb je nog een paar Yaxi’s liggen? Ik zou wel van je willen kopen namelijk.

Ja, je bent net op tijd er is nog één paar over. We kunnen via mail verder praten. Mijn gmail is [email protected]