Yes, I love playing Elden Ring. This is coming from a guy who sucks at Dark Souls

I never thought in my life that I will play a Souls-game more seriously, for I have a track record way back then of playing the original Souls-games but not progressing any further for I really didn’t take those games seriously, plus the patience that I had back then is not really up to par on what I have right now…most of the time.

I don’t have a copy of my own Elden Ring yet, for more like I gave it an “unlimited trial” and so far, despite the challenges and the nuance of it that it can get difficult? Yes it can get difficult, but by just exploring the world, not worrying about anything too much and finally overcoming the challenges that the game throws at you is just a good feeling in general, and I love the game for not holding your hand that much, sure it’s been like that back in Dark Souls but to me it’s different with Elden Ring.

This is what we are missing nowadays, this is what gaming is supposed to be and Elden Ring to me, despite its flaws such as the performance issues in the PC port, I played mine on PC and the issues are not that apparent to my rig, AKA still playable with good performance, Elden Ring is definitely a Game of the Year material here.

If you are a Souls-fan or not even a fan, you should give this one a try and in my opinion, your love for gaming that you had back then as a kid during those good times, will be back because of this. There are still good modern games, but sadly it is becoming rare such as Elden Ring.


I am a glutton for punishment. So naturally, I play From Software games.


It’s kind of cool when there are from that community will do anything to help you out, sure there are a few bad apples such as the so called “git-gud” elitist types of people, but majority of them have been a major help, by just giving me tips via video or by just chatting me up in some forums.

Currently using a Samurai Bleed Build, so far it has been a wonderful experience to use, for this is actually my first time doing a DEX-type of character.


I’m currently playing an Astronomer build with the Meteorite Staff and Rogier’s Rapier. Seriously, such an OP range build it is not even funny.


I am using the Nagakiba and Uchigatana with Bloody Slash and Blood Blade as Ashes of War for those weapons. I know I could have gone with the Moonveil build since it’s OP but I already committed to my own Bleed build. Also this is my first playthrough of Elden Ring so I might as well finish it first with this build, and maybe do a respec of my stats once I have access to New Game +.


never played a dark souls game. but enjoying elden ring. might have to check them out after.

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im also a glutton for punishment, so i am not using a bleed build lol.

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You should! I mean for real, it’s really a refreshing game, especially for an open-world. It’s basically saying “Look, you’re here to have fun and explore so I am not going to harass you with stupid tutorials that’s so damn obvious so just enjoy.” This is basically a game from the 90s with a modern taste with the technological advancements taken advantage of, and I have been missing those games.

You just start the game and play, no need for that typical introduction that is drawn-out from AAA games lately, for it’s getting old tbh.


This is a statement that I wasn’t in the first place. But due to me forcing myself to give games like these a chance and my bestfriend in real life constantly suggests me to play Roguelike games or the Calamity mod from Terraria, I guess in a way it helped me to have more patience and persistence to keep playing games with difficulty.

But I think once you get how things work in Dark Souls or in Elden Ring, it will be bearable and much easier, still punishing if you mess up but more understandable to keep pushing and you will eventually overcome it.


Also a question, what should I do after beating Rennala? I am stumped at the moment and I don’t know what to do next. I thought about exploring all of the region of Liurnia before I go to other places like Caelid or something, for I think Radahn is the next boss and It’s not going to be that easy fighting him.

You can ride Torrent for Radahn’s boss fight. His magic arrows can only be dodged by timed mounting and dismounting off Torrent or running perpendicular to him. The easiest way to beat him is with scarlet rot. Rotten Breath will max scarlet rot on Radahn the fastest. It is best to dodge Radahn’s jumping attacks sooner than waiting for the last second before he lands.

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Radahn I found to be actually quite easy after the update. I will point you towards the possibility of exploring the noth side of the lake as well as checking out caelid after rennala

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Yeah I did checked Caelid…It was a scary place, I went through all of that just to complete my Bleed build ASAP. Also at some point I have to grind for the Cleanrot armor, since it does make sense to have it in my build and it did a lot of help once playing through the game with that set.

I guess I am going to stick with it, but if I am going to need some tweaks or some things that needs to be redone aka improving it even further, I’ll just ask.

In my first playthrough I… Being completely oblivious… Got the frenzied flame ending. Oops.

OOF, oh well there’s always a new game plus to redeem ourselves for the good ending I guess. Also I joined Ranni, no reasons at all just wanted to see what happens if I joined the witch.

Also I fought Patches last night, fuck Patches!

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Well giving free will to the Lands Between is the best ending. Although another way to break the cycle is to curse the Lands Between with the blessing of despair and give it a dark ages period…

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I mean it wouldn’t be a Souls-game without those ending. But it’s good to see one where an ending can be just the best ending, even though in the real world it’s not that possible, still a good feeling when you’re able to get that ending.

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Guys an update, I finally beat it! At long last!

Despite the many times of my ass getting curbed stomp and almost bursting a vein, I persisted and with a bit of patience and perseverance, I did it!

The ending I got from Elden Ring, is the Age of the Stars ending, and yes I helped the Cute blue doll waifu and I think this ending based on what I read about it, is one of the best outcomes to get.

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Congrats, I should check that one out at some point. It is on my Steam wishlist along with way too many other games.

I usually end up playing games that my wife can play too, and she tends to like survival stuff. I think V Rising is likely to be the next big one at our house, but I am not sure how she will feel about the isometric camera.

She liked Valheim a lot, but found it a bit too hard at default settings, the upside is that both games, let you tweak nearly all the key settings, so it is usually about finding that sweet spot, hard enough for me, not too much for her.