You know you are an audiophile when: - -

This thread is dedicated to strange things we do because we hang around audio equipment too much. I’ll start with one that I’ve done by accident a few times now.

      • Sitting down and automatically trying to plug an audio cable into the side of my head - because I forgot I wasn’t already wearing my headphones.

I just did this a few minutes ago (again), which inspired this thread.

What are some of the strange things you’ve caught yourself unintentionally doing because you hang around audio equipment too much?

There was that moment of confusion when clonking the cable into the right spot, but then realizing I didn’t have a jack there to plug into. It felt weird.


your hair looks like this…



I would rather be a AUDIO Enthusiast who enjoys music vs (The pursuit of perfection in equipment upgrades. - my view of a Audiophile)


You know you’re an audiophile when:

You time your listening sessions to be during times when the dishwasher/ clothes washer/ dryer aren’t running.
You only listen to open backs in spring and fall when the AC or furnace aren’t running.