You want to smooth out the sound of your IEMs? Try this. iOS only

Not sure how many are iOS users around these parts, but for those of you who are, try the app “Amarra Play” in the App Store.

It’s a High End bit perfect music player with Tidal integration. They have a fullfledged desktop client as well for both Windows and Mac.

It bypasses the volume mixer and also uses a different algorithm for processing sound, using less CPU resources than normal. This cleans up the sound and makes it sound more organic and natural.

The short story is that it sounds more analogue, more musical than either Spotify or just Tidal.
Here is an analogy; Spotify/Tidal is like drinking a poorly blended protein shake where you can feel the gritty powder on your tongue afterwards - Amarra Play is like drinking a completely blended and smooth shake with no annoying residue.

Amarra Play will synergize spectacularly with sharp, bright and analytical IEMs, helps tremendously with BA timbre for example.

Another observation that may or may not be preferable is that the sound softens and emanates more gently from the transducers as a whole and isn’t as impactful, most noticeable in the bass.

Note: The app itself is free but Tidal Integration costs $5, purchasable within the app.

Seriously try this out guys.

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Thanks for recommendation, friend. Downloaded it today and look forward to listening.