Your choice to cover all music: two cans that cost $750 used/new combined

There is no right or wrong.

My two picks:

HFM HE-500 - speaker like sound stage. Covers all music well, but #2 can handles classical better. My mods: fuzzor, MrSpeakers Ether Angled pads, rear screen off, Black Dragon cable, Dynamat/Sorbothane. Cost used: $370 (mods: $150)

Senn HD-600 - great honest timbre. Cost used: $160. Driven with a BH Crack the bass goes down to 30 Hz strongly, very quick bass. My mods: Dynamat and felt (< $5). Prefer stock pad. Custom Cables from UK costs about $120, better than stock, but not necessary.


Half hypothetical as only have (great) experience with the first:

Sundaras and Meze 99 Classics (or Massdrop version).