Your favorite TV's & Projectors?

What has been some of your top devices to watch shows and movies on?

I’ve been doing research into ultra short throw projectors, specifically the hu85la from lg
I’m also amped for cx 48 inch oled as a monitor in my editing set up

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I would love one of those new ultra short throw laser projectors that have started to leak into the marketplace. however, their $4K price tags deter me from adopting anything like that currently.

Yeah. It’s a long term investment. I’m also interested in those floor rising alr screens for ust projectors

the floor rising stuff is waaay to gimicky. it’s also first gen, so no idea if it will take off or forever be a niche.

I’m still using a 60" 1080p Panasonic plasma from 2012 (I think). I know it’s obsolete and it doesn’t do 4K or HDR, and there’s line bleed here and there, but damn if it doesn’t still look fantastic. There’s an almost organic quality to the picture that OLED and QLED haven’t quite touched yet.

I totally sound like the video analog of a vinyl shill here… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The vivid storm stuff is pretty well liked

mmm…but right now it’s for sure only a niche. especially cause of price.

Optoma just released a screen that caught my attention:

If you’re looking at Fixed Frame Screens EluneVision and Elite screens are very highly rated for UST specific screens

I don’t have a short throw. well…it’s not really a short throw. at 12" distance it will give you an 18" image. I have a Optoma HD27e. scored a deal on it back on Black Friday. but like I said…nowhere to really set it up. there are ideas I have, but it would involve moving furniture around a bit everytime we wanted to watch something, LoL!

My current home theatre set up is rather unfortunately wall bound meaning to get a projector up and running would mean a complete rethink of my living room space

I was just told that screen isn’t coming to Canada and that it’s meant for short throw. not exactly sure if that means it doesn’t have any benefit for standard projection…but it’s a no-go for me.

If you need standard projection screens both those companies sell them. Though if you have issues with sourcing, Elunevision i believe is a canadian company

Eastporters up here sells them as well I believe
Well you can also find some decent regular throw fixed frame screens off amazon.

I sell screens…so can get them at cost through my employer. :wink:

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I got an Lg 55C9 past october and this thing is beyond words.

The LGs are pretty nice indeed.

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Have a Samsung UE40MU6400 and that thing looks amazing. Can’t wait to wall mount it haha now Ive got a proper Amp to go with it. No more bad TV speakers. (Actually not too bad the speakers in this TV)

Ive been looking into projectors. More importantly screens. Its all about the screen. I too have been looking at vivid storm rising screens. A decending screen would look awful in my space. Their site mentios nohing about 2.4:1 screens. Nor do any other sites ive llooked into. Any recomendations to make a more discrete motorized screen 2.4:1 that needs to lear a substantial amount of gear in a supwr tall room? My room got problems

Sorry for the spelling. My thumbs are large and keyboard small