Youtube Musician Thread

Anyone have any hidden gems that they have come across? Is there any music channels you hate to love or love to hate?

I’ll kick it off with this bass player named Remco, this is one of his more popular uploads.
Funk Bass Thumb & Fingerstyle Grooves

following! I’m curious as well…

Remco is pretty awesome. It’s a shame he isn’t more active. Anyway I follow quite a few YouTube Musicians, though most are well known. Some of my favorites are

Davie504 - Bass guitar and memes
Rob Scallon - Mainly guitar with lots of random stuff
Sam Griffin Guitar - Acoustic guitar covers of video game music
FamilyJules - Metal Guitar covers of video game music

Sam Griffin


Rob Scallon Hurdy Gurdy Info vid

Loop father

love me some dovydas

Hello Youtubes… Ronald Jenkees

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Technically I probably shouldn’t because she has one album out (good luck finding it to buy tho), but since I discovered her on YouTube and since most of her activity since the album has been covers on YouTube, here you have her: super-versatile and super-velvety voiced

Chandiss (or “Chandiss Raeann” I think it was somewhere)

This duo has their music available for streaming on Spotify and such as well but their YouTube really showcases the craziness.

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