Yowza this power cable is huge!

Remember when i found that cool looking 20$ power cable on Amazon? Well i just received it and wow. this cable is crazy. Its huge. Its like an industrial size cable. take a look at this:

Not only the cable but the plugs on this thing is huge. It says “Hospital Grade” on it. Its a 6 foot cable, i could have gotten a 4 foot even cheaper. and i got to say i feel more confident plunging this into my all too precious gear. The cable that came with my DAC was much too short. So i got a standard 8 dollar cable off amazon. And i got to admit i was worried plugging it in and giving it a try.

why not pay a little more, 12$, and have more confidence in this cable and the safer power it must provide? Theres a bunch of cheap cables like these on Ali express and i found a red one of these for about the same price for my amp.

Thing is it has a switch on it with 2 settings. above it is labeled: “Set pointer for Gord DIA” Then where the switch is it says “Cord Gage” and 2 settings: “Larger than Gage”, “Smaller than Gage”. Does anyone know what this means? which setting should i put it on?:

Just saying that a standardized power cable passes “Hospitals patient security” requirements when measured. Not be mixed with the equipment, they need different standards before usage.
but the Cables perform 100% correctly with the safety they have to be.

Would like to see would “audiophile cables” do the same when actually measured with high tech testing gear before they can even used.

something tells me they would pass with flying colors lol

Can you relink that cable. I like it!

Ok, so i have a bunch of the Pangea brand power cables. Just a bit more expensive but similar beefy look, PSA; be very cognizant where and how you plug these in, because they are so very heavy they WILL pull down simply with gravity and there is no easy way to stabilize them either in the outlet or source just depending on the angle. Also because they are so damned beefy they take up ALLOT of real estate at the outlet so multiples of these get real tight real fast. Again, these are heavy and will weigh themselves down, i check on mine and squish them back into whatever they are plugged into often and out of a sense of paranoia for fear they will pull out too much. YMMV

Ty, going to order me one.

My inner alarms are just on full alert with cabels like that…
It ain’t no where near “hospital grade”. There is not one single Certified / safety certificate in sight…
Could have been put together by the strange neighbor that you should avoid.

Not even fancy screws or anything really if you just want a “fancy” looking cable…

no you dont understand madgman, it said “audiophile power cable” in the description. and it has a sticker on it. this cable even has settings! you can put on some fancy screws later.

are you gonna go with one of those generic black cables for a cheap 8$ or are you gonna get one of these super keen color knit cables for 20$ like the cool kids? Zeos has one of these!

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and he said it’s shit… truly snake oil. Like the 500$ usb-cable he has that is worst than the 5$…

So no, fancy socks.
My power cables are actually standardized and certified + the core cable is larger than stock.
Stock ones have 0.75mm2 and new ones have 1.0mm2
So if there would be difference or performance benefits, it would have em. Not just stupid colored sock with heat shrink on the ends. :smiley:

well you get the certified cables and i’ll get the fancy sock cables and we’ll see who comes out the winner in the end :sunglasses:

i am getting it for looks, not performance. i don’t buy the snake oil. i have used tons of different power cables and have never had any perform better or worse. its juice following metal, not rocket science. however class and style are priceless =)

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Yeah let’s be clear here, so nobody gets the wrong impression, these are strictly for the look and feel, like an accessory or sticker. Neither @Antpage2 or myself purchased these as some sort of legitimately approved electrically enhanced upgrade towards power or performance, just in case anyone was not seeing the tongue in cheek humor. And to repeat myself, these things are so thick they may not fit well in a particular location or if what you are attaching them to is too light they will pull and tug and may even pull out while sitting there and cause damage so don’t be fooled, more often than not a good quality standard sized power cord is more secure and will work 100%

There are cables made and sold that offer legitimate quality, maybe even improvements if your equipment is capable enough, that’s a topic that is argued to death elsewhere, feel free to look into it, this stuff ain’t it though.

exactly, i’m not saying you will definitely improve your sound with this. i doubt you’ll hear any difference at all. i just feel safer using this cable than the cheaper 8$ cables on amazon but madgman may be right about that.

but also i do wonder if i will get a cleaner sound by using these cables and a power conditioner like the ones i listed here:

My thing is, since its so cheap anyway, why not give it a try and maybe it will give a cleaner sound in case there was some noise the power was producing that i wasnt aware of. Zeos has a video where he experienced some noise on his stereo system that he fixed with a conditioner.

but again, i’m not saying this will definitely happen. i think 99% of the time these things are fine. i just happen to have needed a power cable and a new power surge so…