Z killed my end game and I'm mad

Recently picked up the coolermaster MH751, and I’m pretty sure I like and enjoy them more than my HE400i.

How do I cope with the idea that I am heavily considering selling off the HE400i because, to me, the MH751 are just so much more fun and enjoyable to listen to?

What do I do with this anger I have for Z in showing me the wonders of something like the HE400i, only to throw pocket sand in my eyes and make me want to replace them entirely with something under $100.

If you like that sound, buy Argons. Your head will explode.

Or as Z said…
“My testicles should have exploded”


Which head was I talking about…

Not sure… but maybe balanced? lol

Well what happens next is you will eventually get another, even better headphone and the cycle will start all over again. You find out quickly that there is rarely an “endgame” because there’s always something to upgrade to.

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Those cooler masters kind of look like the Sony MDR-V6 from the 1980s, my dad had a pair them and I broke them because I was a stupid little kid who liked to fuck with dads audio equipment and now i’m angry at my 10 year old self.

They don’t sound like it though. The mdr is a pretty in your face v shaped headphone where the cooler master is more warm with soundstage. I would say about equal detail

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The he400i are the beigest pair of headphones, their aggressive beigeness hertz my soul, thank you for listening to my ted talk

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