Z should so ReReview

I think Z should do ReReviews months later for items he still has in his possession. Like an After The Hype type of video, looking back comparing to other things that have been reviewed since the original review. To tell us if something better has come out or if the original review still holds up.


Personally, I feel Z already does this. Zeos is incredibly good at re-reviewing a product or comparing products to one another. For example in his latest Review of the Neumann NDH 20’s, he started out the review by listening to the Ether C flows and made a direct comparison. He actually brings up multiple products in direct comparison to the Neumanns.

He has re-reviewed products like the Advanced Alpha 1.2 when they have re-introduced a product when they have re-designed it or fixed a flaw.

right but dedicated shorter videos could help when he wants to either change up content or is running low on reviews?

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Considering his tower of boxes and the mini stonehenge he’s building out of amps and dacs next to his review desk, I highly doubt he’s running low on reviews.


in fact you could say he is “over encumbered”. So he bought a house/chest to unload all his crap that he doesn’t need when he is going hunting for headphones, and asking people around them how they took a box to the knee.

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@ZeosPantera all I’m saying is, it would be nice to get short update videos kind of re reviewing or re endorsing specific headphones/dacs/speakers in specific price ranges and use cases. Like hey you’re looking for well priced iems forget the FH5 you should be considering the FH7. Not a real example but you get the idea.

tbh this is very much less in the realm of a re-review than it is in the realm of an update to the forum post for the item in question or an update to the guide.
Otherwise you are looking at a 1 or maybe 2 minute video for each thing down the line and that becomes quite a task when you have so many things.
Also the stark difference in length of video as well as most likely reduced views on those update videos would cause an issue for his channel. Due to click throughs on update videos simply getting less views and also get pushed less by the youtube algorithm.
The youtube algorithm, these days at least, likes consistent content uploads, good initial click throughs as soon as the video is presented to the user, likes, user retention for as much of the video as possible, 10 minute videos because more ad’s and also consistency of video length (either 10 minutes plus or short form >9 minutes. More or less you have to pick). Type of content also matters. Having a food reviews and tech reviews on the same channel, as an extreme example, would not work. The algorithm would struggle to figure out what the hell to do with your content and who to serve it to. Content type consistency makes it easier.

Just my 2 cents on why it might not be a good idea at least video wise.
As a very short update on a forum post sure. That works. But that’s part of the reason for the forum. People who own something might come back to it and update their own thoughts and promote talking about products

With dailies I can do this. I think some things got the short end of the stick. Porta-Pro’s and KSC75 are amazing and everyone needs to know. Yaxi pads do wonders. -Re-Reviewing some older stuff that is still relevant.


For while since he tried the Khan’s I kinda want to see him re review the 990 pro 250 ohm the cans that the Khan’s are based off of and compare the 2 Ina short video

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