Zen Cann 6xx and Android?

Hi guys
Have to use my android for music source for a minute . Can i get the ZenCan 6xx and the matching amp and add my Android thru the RCAs to play music?
Thanks guys im a newbie but I do have a bit of headphones and amps. Thanks again for any help.

It seems like you want to use your phone as a dac, right? Does your phone have a headphone jack? If it does, then yes, you can play music on your phone and send the signal through RCA to the amp.

But I wouldn’t recommend it because the output voltage would be too low for ZenCan.

Most phone have a maximum output voltage of only 0.5 (besides phones like LG Quad Dac phones. Those have a maximum output voltage of 2 which is ideal).

As I just saw on the Zen can photo, you should have a single ended input.
So if you were to use a small dac dongel, which is mostly available for 30$/€ with a line in cable, it would work.
With the dac dongel you have a better sound experience than with the smartphone.
The line in cable has a 3.5 mm connector at each end.
One goes to the amplifier and the other to the source.

Dac dongel Hidizs S3 would be enough or have a look at Massdrop they always have cheap ones on offer.

I was going to get the amp as well as the dac. Would that work?

If so, then yes. Buy a dac which has an USB input and connect your phone to the dac.

Hoping to use the rca cables

With these dacs you have to connect the usb port as source.
Everything else does not work.
The others are only outputs where the signal is passed on.

If you connect this to the Ps and via Rca to the Can, it works.

With the smartphone, it only works via the line-in connection on the can because it supports this.
For example, you can use the line-in connection on the Can to connect the PC to the single-ended connection

I guess Im just having a hard time knowing exactyky where to plug my android phone into the Zen Dac Signature. Is it thru the square lookinhmg digital port or?

Look at the photo.
You have a single end as an entrance.
That means you need this line in cable with both ends with 3.5 mm plugs.
You plug one end into the Zen can, and if your smartphone has a 3.5 mm jack, plug the other end into the Zen can and open the music player on your smartphone and start the playback.
Then the sound comes out of the Zen can.

If you don’t have a 3.5 mm jack on your smartphone, then you need a dac dongle with a usb C connection which goes into the smartphone and the line in cable to the dac dongle.
The other end of the line-in cable always stays in the Zen can.

With this variant you can use everything as a player, e.g. your laptop, tablet etc…

That’s what I did with mine.
The dac dongel can output single ended and I bought a line in cable to rca because there is no other way with the amplifier,it only has rca in and no single ended in like the zen can you have.