Zen Dac Right Channel Not Working on 4.4mm

Got a new pentacon cable as a replacement for one that a cat chewed through. Right channel doesn’t work. Figured it was the new cable, since that was not the case before. Got a replacement cable and right channel still doesn’t work. Tested the continuity of the cables and they seem fine… so I’m left with the right channel on my balanced output just… spontaneously not working.

How DIY repairable is the Zen Dac in general? Is it easy to take apart? I’m fine with soldering something or bending a clip if something isn’t making a connection.

Sounds like the cables are not all the way in and previous was - check the physical design of the plug of the old one which was working and compare it to the new ones (like the old one being longer e.g).

Thanks all, i found out what the issue was.

The 4.4 connector needed more force to plug it in, but then i needed both hands to remove it.

So i will not use the 2x 4.4 cables at this moment for my iem’s, the 4.4 cable for my Sundara is no issue.

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wait… you found… what my issue was?

I’m so confused.

Plug length seems the same. It doesn’t appear like there’s any physical obstruction keeping it from fully plugging in. I may just try taking apart the Zen Dac tonight and seeing if something got out of place.

@lefart_burpin Sorry, my mistake. I thought that i was posting in my forum post.