Zencan input priority

A multi connected connumdrum .emphasized text

I want to output from my Zendac Signature to my hybrid amp and then into my Zencan via RSA. I also want to connect my can and dac together via pentaconn. Which input takes priority on the Can and I assume to use the other input I then have to manually disconnect it as there is no manual rca or 4.4 selector. Anyone able to help plz?

@sebastien_chiu_iFi ,do you have any input (pun intended)


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Pretty Shure the signature can has the same input selector as the normal zen can directly beneath the gain switch or did I miss read your question :crazy_face:

Get the pun on input however what I am after is output to the question :relieved:. The input is from a device that outputs a standard digital audio signal over USB, so for instance my Macbook Pro, iphone, ipad, LG Android phone.

No you got the question spot on, what I forgot is the input selector button as I have only ever used it in RCA mode till now. I would like some time to come up with a better answer that dosent leave me looking a complete plank though if that’s OK :relaxed:. This is especially the case as I have a standard Zencan not the Signature, my DAC is the signature v1 model. As I use hifiman Sundaras and 6XX,s as my main 2 headphones currently I didn’t fancy buying 2 signature amps, see I am not completely stupid just mostly.

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