Zeos Sound Demos

Ive been listening to Zeos’s Sound demos. Anyone listen to these? I got my schiit modi and my sp200 888 amp hooked up and listening through my elex headphones.

Anyway, they all sound the same. Am i doing something wrong? what am i looking for?

ok just finished listening to the Neumann NDH20 sound demo and its sounded appropriately shitty. So maybe it does work a bit

honestly I think the only way to properly listen to these are using the same gear that he is using to monitor

It’s not really useful imo and won’t really accurately portray much. There are just too many factors that does not make it viable. It is kinda helpful to hear how much isolation the headphones give tho


I don’t bother with these either. Even if it sounds good, I don’t get the impression it’ll be any indication of what the headphone will sound like in real life. If you look at the views, you see that not many people watch compared to his reviews. I’d rather watch an unboxing


Its more for the comparison, though there are some duds where there was something wrong with the setup or planar magnets.

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But the main issue is that it’s not accurate in the first place, and comparing two headphones in a sound demo is very different in person. I personally still don’t think it would yield an accurate comparison

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Those sound demos are actually the only videos Zeos makes that I ignore and pass over. I tried listening once or twice and other than enjoying the little funky left, right, ditty at the very beginning I was bored almost immediately. I appreciate why he puts so much time into them for folks tho.


IMO the way to make the sound demos useful is to be sure that your end (source, amp, DAC, headphones) is consistent for every demo you listen to. Try to use the most revealing and neutral pair of cans you have, if you have a choice. Then you have to listen to more than one demo. Also, this will only be relevant for the demos that he is using the same mics in the setup. You will never hear the same sound on your end as he is recording (that is like being impressed by the picture quality of an ad for a TV), but you can hear the relative differences. For example: the Bass is full or thin, the vocals are rich or reedy, the overall sound spectrum is flat or dynamic, etc. It won’t let you hear what the headphones or speakers sound like directly, but it will give you a comparative impression. YMMV depending on how revealing your own system is.

The most helpful thing for me that could be different would be to have reference recording that I could A/B. I loved the linked timestamps for the two different pads in the DT177X demo! Something that lets you compare two recordings that quickly is invaluable. I know that would be a lot of extra work for Zeos though. A consistent playlist would be helpful too, but could get boring. Plus, I’ve found so much great new music as a result of listening to the demos!

I recently listened to the sound demo for the DT177X’s and the comparison between the two different ear pads on Chris Cornell’s song was so striking that the opening chord sounded like a totally different voicing. I had to A\B the track several times to make sure I wasn’t crazy (jury is still out), but it sounded very different to me. I bought the pads as a result and I guess I’ll see when they get here how accurate the relative difference really is compared to the demo.

Bottom line for me is keep the variables as consistent as possible and extrapolate the results. Don’t expect magic though. :grinning: