Zeos' Speaker/Headphone Wall 2021

Below you will find links to everything in this video. I tried to organize it by the physical location and order I mentioned things. I will monitor this thread for a while and answer questions here.

P.S. The “–” indicates it was mentioned but elsewhere and not on the wall.

:red_circle: Previous Wall Videos

2018 Headphone Video
2020 Headphone Video
2020 Speaker Video

:orange_circle: Speakers : : : : : : : :

Buchardt S400
Emotiva XRM6.1
Swan M3A
Swan M50W
JBL Studio 530
Jamo C103
Swan M300
Buchardt S300
Emotiva Airmotiv 6
Triangle Elara
Fluid FPX-7
Buchardt S200
Jamo C601

Kanto Tuk
Vanatoo T1 Encore
Micca Rb42
iLoud Micro Monitors

Super Dayton B652
Kanto Yumi
Design Acoustic PS10
Adam T5v
Adam T7v
Adam T8v
Swan M200
Swan DIY 3.1
Kef Q100
Jamo s803

Mackie MR624 (Up in the Sun Room)
Jamo Concert 2 (Pasta’s Desk)
Klipsch Heresy (Theater)
Klipsch RP150M
JBL 305p
Ohm Walsh (Bedroom)
Buchardt A500
JBL Studio 590
Swan D1090
Swan D1010
Klipsch RF7III (Great Room)
Micca MB42

:yellow_circle: Headphones : : : : : : : :

Sony CD900st (Up on my Desk!)
Pioneer SE-A1000
Philips SHP9500
Monoprice M560
Fostex T50RP
Mr Speakers Mad Dogs
Fostex T60RP
Fostex T20RP
Philips Fidelio X1
Tygr 300 R
Philips Fidelio X2Hr
Shure 1540
Blon B20
Sendy Aiva
Acoustic Research AR-H1
ZMF Auteur
HiFiman 5XX

Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω
Monoprice M1060C
Beyerdynamic MMX300
AKG K712
BrainWavz Alara
Grado SR60e
Grado GS1000
Modhouse Experimental
Grado GW100
Yamaha MT5
Monoprice Retro
SuperLux HD669

GoldPlanar GL400
GoldPlanar GL600
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL850
Audio-Technica M60X
B&O H6
AKG K361
1more Trident
Takstar Pro82
M&O Bluetooth headphone
Mackie MC-450
ESS 422H
Audio-Technica M40x
Sennheiser HD660s
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD58X
Sennheiser HD280Pro
Neumannn NDH20

Hifiman Sundara
Koss KPH30i
Modhouse Argon MKIII

Focal Stellia
Mr Speakers Ether C Flow 1.0
Fostex TH909
Sennheiser 560S
Klipsch Heritage HP3
ZMF Aeolus
HarmonicDyne Zeus
Modhouse Argon T60RP
ZMF Verite Closed
Audio-Technica AD2000X
Philips Fidelio X3
Mr Speakers Aeon Open-X
Sivga Phoenix
Emotiva GR-1

:green_circle: FOAM BLOCKS


:large_blue_circle: EXTRAS

Ikko IEM Adapter
Unboxing Channel
Mini DSP Hears


Sees 2020 Zeos shark breach the water. “We’re gonna need a bigger wall.”


Where’s Godzilla? The CD900ST didn’t make the wall? I would have guest something that unique would have for sure made the cut.

Oh Snap. It was upstairs on my desk. I will add it to the list reguardless. It was in use!! I KNEW I WOULD MISS ONE F.


Will there be a floorstanding section ? Also know your not a center channel fan but center channels.

“Your” I is a college student.

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what does the dash on some of the product denote?

You could also include subs.


I believe they’re things that weren’t on the wall

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Watching the video I was curious how well the CD900st held up since your review. Since they were on your desk, I suspect the answer is quite well. But curious if you have more thoughts on the CD900st since your review. I bought a pair and I’ve found them to be very amp dependent - the warmer the amp the more I enjoy them.

Dash is mentioned or not on the wall itself. Wasn’t sure how to handle those while keeping it in video order.

Good to see the K712 back to the wall. They may not be the most technical impressive, but they do sound in a unique way I quite enjoy.

Also, would like to know about the dust situation. I am somewhat afraid of my open backs to get dust over time, can’t imagine how it goes for these many cans in a basement.

Forgot to mention the wall looks good.
The great wall of audio
The citadel of sound.
The grand hall of HIFI
The mythical library of audioholica.
When Z runs out of wall space he will have to commission a new structure on the property.

Audio barn.


Z’s expanding speakers and headphones wall:

The 2022 edition!


My headphones just hang in my room. I give them semi-regular wipes with a microfiber cloth and that is about it.

Sounds like a country side hifi shop :smiley:

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Second only to beverage barn.

No Edifiers? Thought for sure the S3000pros would make that wall.

I always enjoy these @ZeosPantera, like a redux of just the keepers. Made me realize i still need to order the G pads for my 60s/80’s, but man you really need to try the Hemps, my favorite for lightweight with BTR 5

Ive had a few cans down there for weeks. Dust isn’t bad. I have a filtration system as you can see the 20" box fan on the floor. There are 3 of those around the basement and they are about to get a filter upgrade.

Also @A1300 We sold a ton of gear at RMAF. The S3000 being one of them.

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Hello Z! I’ve been using my DT 990 pros and I’m willing to spend around 150-200 dollars on new headphones. My eyes are on the X2HR’s atm. I do competitive gaming but also casual gaming and listening to music. I want that big soundstage I’ve heard they have. I have a great DAC/amp so no worries about that. But are the X2’s good enough for their imaging?

X2 do what you want just be careful with competitive gaming. Usually you want less bass with that. But I’d compromise for fun music listening with crazy soundstage.

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