Zerda Ikki, Qudelix 5K, Sanskrit

i am starting out in this hobby and only have the HD58x but want to eventually have a MidFi collection consisting of like the Sundaras and the HD600

I am using my pc as a source

I’m from Germany so stuff like Schiit and JDS i could import them BUT if i have a problem with them i have to pay the shipping back to america and i don’t want that (if it is a bargain then there is some merit to it)
There is monoprice.eu but they don’t have the Liquid Spark…

i am looking around the 100 euro margin if it is 150 i don’t care that much and as i will be using the dac on my pc portability is more a gimmick

I have heard good about the IKKI Zerda, but in the same price range i have the Qudelix 5K, TempoTec Sonata(even cheaper), HIDIZ S9, IBASSO(here i know that the DC02 measrued horrible on ASR, but is the DC04 improved and worth it?) and some more

In the bigger non portable section there is the SMSL Sanskrit, iFi Zen DAC, Topping E30
if i strech a bit the there is the iFi Hip DAC, LOXJIE D30
The main reason i included the Loxjie is for it’s bluetooth functionality, but i can get a bluetooth-adapter for 5-10 euro…so not too big of a plus

Is there a qualitative difference between poertable and non-portable dacs? if not then i’d prefer the portable ones because i could, once i have upgraded, use them for my smartphone…once i have a new one with a USB-c connecter XP

I am open to suggestions, i am just realizing how small the headphone hifi market in europe is.

If you read till here then i already apreciate you taking the time and
big thanks in advance