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  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Came here to see what people think about this headphone. :frowning_man::slightly_frowning_face:

Looking for an upgrade already lol?

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Still just don’t feel like the Elex is the perfect one for me. Comfort is still kind of a problem there as well as power. Honestly though what I get from the Focal line soundwise is essentially perfect for me as far as soundstage although sometimes I feel kind of like I miss the bass of the momentums I used to have. Would never take them over the Elex though. They were sold. Also I hold that the 58x still does better with classical music for whatever reason.

My search took me to ZMF. Lol

Also as someone who prefers to own just one good pair the customer support appeals to me.

I just got my Aeolus and I’m thinking I should have got the Auteur instead for their step-down open back tier from the Verites. The Aeolus are awesome, but I’ve been listening to the Eikons a lot lately, and it’s the same biocellulose driver the Auteurs use. The Eikons may be the best headphone I’ve ever heard, and if the Auteurs give the same refinement with more soundstage I may prefer them to the Verites I am still waiting on. The jury is still out on the Aeolus as I don’t think they (or my brain) have burned in enough to be the way I finally perceive the sound. The Eikons were a demo unit, so fully burned in, and they right now are on a totally different level for me. I haven’t heard the Atticus, Auteurs, or Verite Closed, and I’ve had limited listening on the Verite open, but I’d say the Verite may be the closest to being a refinement of the Focal sound. Highly resolving, a little more low end, but not as warm as the other ZMF headphones. I still haven’t heard a ZMF headphone I didn’t love, but right now the Eikons would be my personal favorite for the music I listen to (mainly classic rock, funk, 70s punk, Motown). But I also think a tube amp is more or less a requirement to get the best sound from them


They hold their value pretty well if you can find a buyer.
I ordered the Eikons for a different take on a closed back, assuming I would prefer the Aeolus so I’m excited to hear them both in a couple of months.

did you get/hear the Eikons yet?

No, there are 13 people in front of my order, so I’m guessing at least a couple of months.
I bought them sight unheard, but they hold their resale value, so I figured it was relatively low risk.

Every good closed back review says it sounds like an open back, but I’ve never heard it to the degree that I hear it with the Eikons. I see the same comment in a lot of Verite C reviews, but I really can’t imagine it being much different. Curious to see what you think especially if you are running it off tubes vs without. Eikons and Aeolus sound exponentially better to me off of tubes

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Tubes were the driving motivator for both headphones.
I’m really enjoying the ZDT Jr, to the point of looking at more expensive tube amps, but the Elex don’t really have high enough impedance to get the most from it.

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Elex are weird on tubes. Probably why I say I prefer the Clears more. Out of caution, I’d say burn in the Eikons for 120 hours even if its not really needed. When you get them I will hook the ZDT Jr back up just to see if we align taste-wise. I talked my friend into swapping my LCD-XC for a pair of demo ZMF Camphor Burl Eikons and he 100% lost on that deal.

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Initial impressions, and i also have to state I’ve completely been on sensory overload the past few hours due to multiple pieces of new kit being introduced into my signal chain.

Honestly I have no idea where to go next. The Auteur simply sounds pleasing to me with every amp I plug it into on my desk. I am enjoying its capabilities completely and it’s one of the few headphones I see NO need to EQ at all, it reproduces everything very pleasing to me. I am really getting a kick out of this “bubble” of sound around my head, very pleased with both soundstage and imaging. Excellent depth and detail to the bass, all the way down low, mid bass punch is so solid, midrange and vocals really pleasing me, no sibilance that I have run across on the highs and just beautiful detail without fatigue.

I’m so very pleased with the investment and I just adore the wood, heft, look, everything about this brand. This headphone seems very versatile with a multitude of amplifiers, I like this ability to sound good across the board and find immense value in it. I’m sure given more time to allow the headphone to properly break in it will please me even more, that’s the boldest statement I’ve made to date about a headphone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit to add; I haven’t even begun to play w/the different ear pads yet, ohhh I’m so excited, this really is fun, I wish I could retire early to have more time for this stuff.

Second Edit: These are my favorite “LOW Volume” headphones, they just beat out my Koss95x due to the fact that I don’t have to EQ them to enjoy. My HE6se are still, king to me, when it comes to high volume thunder listening sessions that can really hurt my hearing…The Auteur currently seem the “Do everything” well headphones. I’m happily impressed.


nice~ That’s awesome, glad you are liking them. I hope to be able to check them out at some point.

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Can anyone here do a comparison with the Aeolus headphones?

Did you ever exchange yours for the Auteur?

ive been busy, gonna send my Aeolus in tomorrow

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Didn’t like the Aeolus? What was it that you didn’t like?

I’m gonna post a review of them soon in the Aeolus thread

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Anyone try these on a tube amp

All the ZMF’s were designed with tube amps in mind.

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