ZMF Salire damage

I was very impressed with my Salire that I decided to buy another one. I was shocked to see the condition this one showed up in compared to my first.

I assume you contacted ZMF?

Yep. Turns out I got a sale price on damaged BStock stands they had. I thought it was just a sale on their stands. My mistake.

B for battered?

It also appears they didn’t finish clear coating these. My original has a gorgeous clear coat.

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Yeah, same. Mine didn’t have the thick clear coat your first one had. That’s one reason I wanted it. I’ll do it myself tho.

And I think the clearcoat can make it look darker because of the reflections in a darker environment.

Hey guys, Bevin from ZMF here. Just wanted to jump in and let you know the Katalox Salires that were on the website were advertised (and priced at our cost) as B-stock. We partnered with a local furniture maker here in Illinois on those and had some that we thought were still pretty and functional but had some natural markings that we wrote about in the accompanying blurb on our website. We always try to be as transparent as possible and tried to align the write up and cost of the product to reflect this.

Sorry there was confusion. We are always happy to provide email support before and after purchase with any questions. OP please feel free to reach out!


No worries! I knew mine was B-stock and it looks great. Like i said, i’ll throw some clear coat and it’ll all be ok. For $65 I’ll take it! haha

Welcome to the forum! You guys are loved here!

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Thanks @Rhodey! Long time lurker, first time caller. Hope you are all having a good day!


Same to you guys and stay healthy your way!

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This story actually has a happy ending. I got to work on the damaged Salire, sanding it down and removing material from the damaged areas. I’ve wanted a completely black Salire anyway so I finished it black here’s the finished stand. The clear coat on my original is still better but pretty happy saving this stand.


Looks really really good!

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Did you stain or paint it darker?

Actually both.

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