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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Is it just me or did DMS post reviews of both the new version of the verite and the verite closed and then they disappeared?

I was looking for those lol and couldn’t find them either. I had a vague memory that he made some but IDK what happened to them

If I remember correctly I don’t think he played any music that could get them taken down. Also how come Zeos hasn’t mentioned the verite v2? Is there even a v2? AM I GOING MAD!?!

doesnt seem that Zeos was very impressed with these

He reviewed the original verite. I think ZMF updated the tuning some time around the launch of the verite closed. DMS reviewed both the new verite v2 and the new closed version but the videos are gone now. Also despite Zeos getting ALL of the ZMF stuff before I haven’t gotten the slightest hint he has the verite v2 which is a bit strange to me (I’m not a patron so maybe he told them).

Wait how do you know if you got the v2? I recently picked one up lol

No clue. I think DMS mentioned a new tuning but the video is gone and I don’t think the ZMF page says anything. Maybe that’s why he took them down, he got his info wrong?

Side note, how do you like them and got any pics?

Well I’m just going to assume my pair is the v2 and never consider the fact that I have a v1 lol

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So far, I really like them, as they are my first zmf and a very positive experience. I think the sound is exactly something great to relax to and enjoy, and there really isn’t a glaring issue with them to me. Just something to put on and feel good.

Pictures will come if I ever get out of my current job lol


I wish I could get some ZMF cans, especially the new purple heart verite. God they look so good with the rose gold grills.

From what I read on head-fi, the initial prototypes that he showed at events pre-launch didn’t have the final tuning they do now. As I understand it, all Verites sold had the final tuning. I don’t think Zeos had a prototype version. I think he had the pads that give the extra 3d-holographic sound presentation. Not everyone seems to like those because they present sound from behind you. Most of what I’ve read is the flat pads are the way to go. Can’t say for certain though. Still waiting on mine to arrive. I also think the 789 may not be the ideal amp to get the most out of them

I got the cocobolo on a sale and they look great

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Yeah I prefer the flat pads for actual listening most of the time

I don’t remember all the names, but the angled pads seem to be an acquired taste

Yeah, I can see that. They are different for a first listen but for the most part I prefer the flat pads since they don’t seem as exaggerated

Got a chance to listen to these last Saturday as well. These def had a tinge of sibilant sound to them. Are they known to?

I was able to listen to a pair of Eikons for a few hours this past weekend, and it’s only gotten me more excited for the Verites (and to a lesser degree, the Aeolus) after hearing them. God the Eikons were nice

What amp were they running off of? I found that the amp makes a decent difference for if they are harsher. I have mainly enjoyed them off of a tube for the most part