Zu Dirty weekend

April 2! As a reminder for anyone looking to pick up a pair, they sell out fast.

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ummm…wut? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m looking for 1 more set speakers for the living room. Something to compliment my klipsch Heressy’s, RP 600’s, R-820F’s, and Polk LSIM703’s. These 4 sets cover a wide spectrum of genre’s and provide me joy. I use a mix of low power tube amps and SS. I like to mix up the sound. I don’t have the cash Or inclination to drop on endgame Quality speakers but if these offer up beautiful blues, jazz and classic rock SQ and they differ enough from what i have i would be interested. What say you @M0N, or others please?

Have you considered something real different like a magnepan LRS or something of the sort? You just want a beefy amp to make them go lol, but it would be pretty different than something you have. Also what budget are you thinking?

Zu’s special April pricing was what got me to look at them. Used Cornwall II’s @ $1k was what I was looking at and since these came in comparable I figured I would ask you.

Honestly I don’t want to spend much beyond $1k +/- $250. I also don’t want to upgrade the signal/source chain at the moment. High efficiency is also a preference 96-106db so I can continue to use my tube amps. I finally spent enough on tube upgrades that I found SQ I enjoy out of them and I need something that will play w/ 6-15 wpc please. I split a subwoofer off the channels too so I have good clean tight bottom end i am pleased with.

For shits and grins, throw in any other recommendations you have. There is a big used market out there and you never know w/me if a bug gets in my ear…sometimes i go with it. Now I’m looking at the Maggies too :rofl:

Hmm I would say perhaps try a dual concentric like the Tannoy Autograph Mini GR, but that’s a bit over your budget and they are hard to find used at the moment. You could also most likely find some Tekton Impact Monitors at your price point used, should be cool. The zu should be pretty sweet as well. TBH there are lots of options out there lol. I’m personally going to avoid older speaker models as there are too many options out there to consider lol. Vandersteen 3a are cool on tubes too and can be found cheaper

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Also I just realized, since you are doing this for the living room, does this mean they should be floorstanding?

Yes, that would be preferable. The room is 24L x 20w x 18tall
I sit about 12’ away from the speakers, thus i manage to get the models i have to work well enough

Gotcha, then here are some good modern full range performers for tubes in or near your budget (look used) off the top of my head in no specific order:

  • Vandersteen 3a
  • Zu Dirty Weekend or Omen mk2
  • Omega Junior 8 XRS
  • Blumenstein Triton 8
  • Tekton Enzo XL or Pendragon
  • Audio Note AN-E series

And there are way more older or vintage speakers that suit these needs but there are too many to list lol

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Thank you @M0N, the Zu caught my eye because of price and they looked different enough. I will get some Cornwall’s eventually, the room is “just right” for them and I like how they sound overall, for $1k though i don’t mind having something new to mess around with.
I’m always looking you never know what pops up. The office is where is spent the big money and I couldn’t be happier with it. (At least I will be once i get my pre-amp repaired and back in hand).
Again, thank you very much for the ideas!

Magnepan lrs + Crown xli 1500 is about 1000$. Supposedly a good pairing, have not heard personally. But a fairly cheap way to try mags.

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I didn’t mention klipsch because you already know lol. If you need more stuff to research just ask lol

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That would most likely be nice, but instead of the crown I would get a used older high end poweramp, I think that would yield better results for a similar price


The zu’s are supposed to be fairly omi-directional as well. I will get a pair eventually. Just not this run. And OMG the color choices :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, the Ruby Red Hickory is really looking good to me…hehehe. I love me some Red!