11.11 Sales (2023)

If anyone is keeping tabs on the 11.11 sales for this year, please share the findings here. I’ll of course do the same, should I happen across any myself. :sunglasses:

  1. Linsoul 11.11 Audio Festival 2023 [LINK]
  2. HIBY 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  3. NiceHCK 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  4. LETSHUOER 11.11 Global Shopping Festival [LINK]
  5. Shenzenaudio 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  6. Truthear 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  7. Moondrop 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  8. Volkchoi Audio Store 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  9. FiiO 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  10. Kinera 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  11. TEMPOTEC 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  12. HiFiGo 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  13. XINHS Store 11.11 Sale [LINK]
  14. APOS 11.11 Sale Excel Spreadsheet [LINK]

AliExpress Codes:

Not 11/11 sale yet but Linsoul on Amazon US is 10% off.


Updated original post with link!

I hate the way Linsoul and Shenzhen show discontinued items as “Sold Out.” I wish they’d just remove those items.


Technically, ChiFi should be at an extra 5% discount due to exchange rate.

Yuan to dollar exchange rate 2023

If there’s a good deal on Kiwi Ears Cadenza I might make another “prison mike” for bassy listening.

I’m not even bothering with the Linsoul cards this year.

Trying to find something equal or higher in value to the total gift card, that is also actually a good deal vs other stores once the half is taken off, is harder than it sounds and just a real headache to be locked into.

Apart from exclusive items, an AliExpress deal probably beats out the discount offered, due to the starting MSRP.


HIBY, NiceHCK, and LETSHUOER sales added!

EDIT: Edited OP to include overall NiceHCK sale link. MASSIVE savings with coupons.

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Shenzenaudio has some early deals for Truthear stuff mostly, including the Nova which is really tempting me right now as I didn’t expect it to go on sale so soon.

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Added Shenzenaudio sale. TY!

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Waiting on Moondrop and Hakugei sales.

Dunu has a sale going on their company online shop.

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Truthear, Moondrop, Volkchoi Audio Store, FiiO, Kinera, TEMPOTEC, and HiFiGo sales added!


HUGE discount on the fiio k5 on aliexpress. Displays as $140 right now but will change on 11/11


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Kinera appears to be offering some massive price cuts as well!

I have to say 11.11 sale promos disgust me. what a horrible thing to capitalize…

🪽 :man_in_lotus_position: ….oh and savings apparently :man_shrugging:t2:

I need some cheap .78 3.5 cables. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m not a cable memer, but when I take iems to work, I need a 3.5mm, and just in general prefer them.

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XINHS on Ali, solid cables, just wait for discounts :+1:


XINHS Store 11.11 sale added!

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