11.11 SALES (share your finds)

So there are a few 11.11 sales starting at midnight tonight. Too many products to do individually from what I have been told. So I will post the generic links. If you find something of note… Add a comment to this thread!

:purple_square:Linsoul : Sales — Linsoul

:orange_square:HiFiGo : Sales — HiFiGo

:red_square:APOS : Apos Audio Deals Section

Also if you find any other “pre-black-friday” sales or sites doing 11.11 let me know.

Pretty good deal for LA90 on linsoul!!

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Apparently Apos is getting into the act. Added… Also a few deals on Amazon

Jamo 12" sub for ~$150 in Black and WHITE…(I bought the white, Not bad so far) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MJ2NBDF/ref=twister_B09LS1L59K?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Snow White Moondrop Aria https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B46CG915/ref=sw_img_1?smid=A2Q0JVLI22BSVA&psc=1 15% off

Linsoul has the Xenns Up listed for $560, and with discounts I’ve seen it for under $500 from a few aliexpress stores (angelears, etc).

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I compiled a list that I’m constantly updating as well. In case someone wants to take a look, I’ll leave it here.

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I am going to buy the Xduoo MT-602 tube amp for 85$USD

And the SMSL DA-6 speaker amp for my Micca RB42 (I hope it will be powerful enough?) for 84$USD

EDIT: also on apos.audio for the same price


welcome to HFG, Ordici!


Hifimans are on some good prices in Aliexpress:

GZZB store with ED XS in $360 plus shipping, and Ananda for $418 plus shipping.

Electricxiaomi also has the Ananda for $409+shipping.

These are some seriously good prices, I’m strongly considering getting one of them. If anyone has experiences with these sellers please comment here.



Pretty good discount on large HDD storage drives. these are normally $550 Currently they are $390. I run 4 of them in my current computer. (the 16TB size specifically) But most of the sizes are discounted at the moment.

Speaking from personal experience, these are extremely reliable drives. And I still run games and watch 4k video off them too, they are plenty fast enough for most things.

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I was looking at these yesterday…It is almost to good of a deal to pass up and I want a good pair of planars

The Mega5P has been listed as $239.99 for a long time. If anyone’s interested in trying them (I’ve been curious for a while) the coupon MEGA50 brings that down to $199, but then tax is about $30 so they’re still roughly $230 at the end of the day.

Hisenior has some interesting shell designs and lots of rave reviews.


Yeah they do and Gareth’s a cool guy :+1:

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Picked up 2x 10TB earlier last year for my NAS/Plex Server and they have been fantastic so far. Would recommend. Tempted to buy some more, the discount amount is pretty generous.


Western Digital has decent sales every so often through their website. Another good day to catch Western Digital sales is “World Backup Day” (March 31’st)

When it comes to HDD’s I always order through their website because of the way their warranties work, if you order from a 3rd party, they will base the warranty on the manufacturing date, but if you order from them directly you get the warranty based on your date of purchase. This is meaningful because if your drive was sitting in a warehouse for a while prior to you buying it, it could make quite a difference in usable warranty length.

I also always suggest the datacenter drives because they have the highest reliability numbers. I also suggest getting the Helium filled dives (HelioSeal) because they tend to last the longest and have the lowest vibration. Currently that means drives making sure the drives you buy are 12TB and above. The HelioSeal tech makes a big difference. And the Gold version of their drives are right up there when it comes to reliability and speed. They are a good choice.


for us Canucks, the Headphone Bar has the Burson stuff discounted by 20%


And good deals on several open box Audeze’s.



The printer I reviewed. Thing is a beast and on sale $230. Pro the same price.