🔷 1More Triple Driver

Hard to say. Depends on how strict your customs office is, what the local VAT is (usually 20-25%), and luck. You might be able to get away with parcels under 99USD but I know some European countries are super strict. If you’re concerned with tax you should go for EMU Walnut as they always mark parcels at ridiculously low value.

The triple drivers are actually on Drop for $160 rn. I’m starting to get concerned about the pricing of the triple drivers where i live. I feel like it’s too good to be true for them to only cost $124, but they are being sold on the official 1more online store, so I hope I won’t get ripped off.

I’m from Singapore and I always get my gears and headphones from US. If you’re here too, I’ll be able to share more info with you!

I’m from Indonesia, which is close to Singapore. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

They can be found for 124€ too, so does not strike me as too far off.

I just bought a pair for ~121 Euro here in Denmark. I got the silver version, even though previous posts seem to indicate that the silver version is not sold in the EU.

At first they sounded a bit…thin/hollow/anemic, but after my ears adjusted to them, I quite like them. They do some genres better than others, but that’s how it is with all headphones.

In pictures they don’t quite look as nice as they actually are. They seem well built, with some nice heft without being heavy as such.


Do you have any headphones you can compare them to?

greetings from a fellow dane :slight_smile:

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Hello, fellow dane :slight_smile:

No, I don’t really have much to compare them to. They are quite unique in their sound, but in a good way. I believe that the last pair of headphones that to me had a somewhat similar way of delivering sound, was the DT990’s. They somehow separate the lows, mids and highs, so you really get a sensation that they are separate parts of the music…I’m sorry I can’t describe it better.

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Can you run these headphones balanced? Is it sufficient to just get a balanced cable? I know some headphones can’t be driven balanced unless they’re modded

As there’s separate connections (left/right) that’s not a problem.

Finding the right cable is… :wink:

The sockets on the cups are 2.5mm.

This seems to suggest You can just search for Sennheiser HD700 cables:

The 2.5mm sockets are very deeply recessed and the connectors have to be very thin.

I bought this cable (4.4mm to dual 2.5mm) and it didn’t fit (plugs are to wide):

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These might work (You could ask the seller to measure the plugs diameter and length where it becomes thicker).

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Xinhs can do it. Or you can go with an mmcx to 2.5mm adapter.

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I don’t think people have looked at it. I used an aftermarket cable meant for hifimans via 2.5mm and I feel the tweeter did not work with other cables. So that lead me to believe that there are 2 separate hots for each cup/driver on each side etc. I could be be wrong, but I was convinced of it when I had a pair. Swap cable and boom no tweeter so it sounded like crap.

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I’ve actually heard about that before, so You’re probably right.

Sounds like both the tip and the ring should be hot (+) and the sleeve should be ground (-).

I believe I read about the Sol Republic Master Tracks headphones being compatible.

I’ll check my original cable later with a multimeter… :+1:

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As far as I can tell the tip is hot and the sleeve is ground on the 2.5mm plugs.

No connection on the rings.

I would think that a TS cable would work then. Like this one:

If it fits that is… :slightly_smiling_face:

Was Your cable with TS or TRS connectors?

Yea my og cables were trs but the other one I tried were mono 2.5mm if I’m not mistaken, I didn’t have a multi when I experimented back in the day. Glad you checked, I’m glad to be wrong in this case. :slight_smile:

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Just tried an unbalanced cable made for these headphones and they also work:

They have TRS connectors and both the tip and ring are hot on them.

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It is probably the screws holding the Maserati wheels. lol. They’re use to press and hold the glass down.

My modded Tridents.Definitely sounds better then the original version!I love the new pads on them:the original takstar pro82 pads!!Hard to decide which sounds better on tube:These or ndh 20 :man_shrugging:t2::white_heart:

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Hi, I know this is really out of know where and late but, what cushion, sleeve are you using for the headband?