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  • Type: Over Ear (depending on ear size)
  • Amp recommended: Yes
  • Closed Back

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Yay! You made a thread for these! :blush:
I have to say, when I tried these, I really felt like I was being torn when I had to return them. They were my favorite headphones that I have ever tried besides my Nighthawk Carbon.
Where do I start? Theeeeese… Zeos was not kidding how impressive these are. The whole packaging that they came in with all of the design drawings, carrying case, bags, etc. is very professional. They are very easily portable, although they are very hard to drive properly. They won’t run off of a phone properly to make the 2 active drivers work properly, Zeos said he wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than a Fiio Q5, but to run properly, he said you need something with Chord Mojo levels of power. I found them enjoyable however running on my Cowon Plenue D, but I am very intrigued with how they would sound with enough power.
Comfort is meh at best. Not super comfortable as on-ears, but more comfortable than any other on-ear I have tried (beats included, which despite being overpriced, are actually comfortable I will admit). The pads get sweaty if you are moving around a lot though, so I would not recommend them for hot weather. I have since moved to a very cold climate though, so these would be fine if you are sitting at a desk or something at room temperature. They caused discomfort to my ears after about an hour or so, I couldn’t wear them any longer than 2 hours, but I doubt most people will wear headphones for more than an hour. Besides this, they are built extremely well, and I wouldn’t expect them to have any QC issues. If you take care of them, they should last you years with moderate use.
The sound. The sound is what makes these so amazing.
I have never heard such clarity and detail in the highs than on these. It did not sound sharp or piercing at all to me, just pure clarity and accuracy. It is so clear. This is one of the main reasons to buy these. Mids are very recessed, more than DT 770, but they are still good, and they really are not the focus with these headphones. Then the low end. There is actual sub bass. It is as accurate as the DT 770, but there is more of it. It feels more rolling and boomy than punchy, but it is punchy when the track’s bass is punchy. This is the other reason to buy these. I felt that their true potential was especially demonstrated on Electronic V shaped tracks, or anything with a focus on bass or treble. If you are a bass head, you want these. If you are a clear treble head, you want these. Zeos said that these do things that not even Stax can do, which are just a bit more expensive. Just a bit.
I should also link InnerFidelity’s review on them.

When Zeos reviewed these, they were $250 USD. And he said that was a bargain. As of now, they are selling on Amazon for about $140 USD. That is a flippin’ bargain. Buy them. If you don’t like them, Amazon is easy for returns. I certainly will be owning these as soon as I can get the money, broke as I am lol.


Have been watching alot of reviews of these and they sound very interesting and am close to buying them. I hear they are great for movies but have not seen anyone mention these for gaming. How are the imaging and Soundstage on these?

The soundstage is about average for a closed back, but the imaging is quite good imo. I think if you wanted a more fun sound, these would be great for gaming. For pure competitive, you might want to look to a different option, but for most games these should be pretty enjoyable


Not sure if I want these.
I dislike how Beyerdynamic does V, so maybe I just need something even more V to convince me?

Personally I think these are pretty great if you want a pretty good v shape for the price. TBH beyer does a weird v shape and it’s more their house sound than a v shape (but it’s easier to describe it as a v shape)

144€… HMMMmmm
Kind of a lot for a jump in the unknown.

apparently the gold version of these headphones are not as good as the silver so beware which ones you get

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Where have you heard that? I haven’t heard anything like that

Soren_Peregrine told me here:

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I’ve had one of these for several years. I mostly used mine for commuting but as I don’t commute now they have generally sat in the cupboard. The concern I would have for gaming is wearing them for many hours, as they are on-ear not over-ear. I found them fine for the first 45 minutes and then even the slight pressure on the ear starts to be felt and to be annoying. If gaming is a half-day or more adventure I suggest looking elsewhere for full over-ear headphones.

PS Agree that the sound is very good and fun is an apt description.


Hmmm, well that’s good to know, found more info here on the differences. It seems there is a tuning and driver difference


I really wish these had larger earcups to me more overear, as the comfort is kinda a pretty large limiting factor for some with these

Agree. Damn good for on-ear, and worked well for me commuting as they were always worn for less than an hour. Tried once with a movie at home and by the end decided never to do that again!

Excuse me, WTF 1More?

Strange, I wonder why they did that without making it more clear


I am honestly a bit pissed about this discovery.
Releasing different models is alright, but communicate that to the user FFS.
Make them the H1707 and H1708 or whatever.

Were you looking at a gold or a silver one?

I have the silver ones (did research and also found reviewers preferred the silver to gold), but the box mine came in clearly states it is a titanium driver. Some more googling and this may have been a mistake on the box??? Although it is also just a coating, not the driver material as such. Still, I was very happy with mine and may give them a blast later since this discussion came up.

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I don’t care about the looks.
I care about knowing what I buy.