🔷 1More Triple Driver

I was mainly asking if the one you were going to buy was the gold or the silver, as which one was available over there

You tell me:

Listing shows pictures of both.

Place your bets everyone, silver or gold

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It wouldn’t surprise me if they are all the same graphene coated driver now. And also a black version (market specific possibly?). https://global.1more.com/product/triple-driver-over-ear-headphones/

K den.
Just going to send them an Email and ask what is going on.

Here is Josh’s review of my old pair. No other pair does forward imaging quite like it and the bass is almost unmatched. It is so good I would consider owning them again. The only pair I regret having to sell. :frowning:

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Well hey, looks like I got something right about headphones lol.
I think they are not that great for comfort, but I did find a way to place them on my ear so that the back of the pad is pushed forward a little more on my head, and the front of the pad is past my ear and just behind my bone. It improved comfort quite a bit without changing the sound. Still not great, but that way I was able to wear them for a couple hours approximately.


Well, thanks for bringing that info otherwise I would have been none the wiser


Got a reply:

Right now only the silver (titanium) version with newest Driver Technology exists.
The Model gold (copper) is the old version.

That answers it in a sorta-kinda way.

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The Gold version is the one they sell in Asia and the Silver the U.S. But the Gold ones have made their way into the U.S. as well.

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Yeah I think it’s probably best to go for the silver color then.

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I have these too (titanium version) and I love them. They’re super fun and damn impressive for their size and price.

My only gripe with them is the earcups. It’s kinda sorta an on-ear. My ears fit inside them, but part of my ear touches the driver so that hard plastic hurts after some time. In other words, it just ain’t deep enough. Was considering doing something to mod them somehow to make this better.


Yeah, if I can find something that sounds similar to them but is comfortable all day I’ll be happy.

I can’t wear them all ay at work, but I’m good with them for gaming and TV watching before bed.

Anyone find a pad for these that are over ear?

So I just got some DT770s that are honestly a little boring to me. I think I was spoiled by some good IEMs. I’m looking for a tighter, thumpier bass and less fatigue on the high end. Sounds like these might deliver?


Well how bout the headphone whose thread ur posting? Lol heard it’s got pretty bitchin’ bass. Although I don’t know if the highs are less fatiguing. If you have a liquid spark or tubes to my knowledge you can get a 58x to have some thumpy bass. If you don’t I don’t really think it’s worth buying the 58x along with a liquid spark just to have a headphone with thumpy bass

Okay I sent back my triple driver Gold Edition. I just ordered Silver version which of course as we all know is the better version. can’t wait till it gets here. Seems like a really cool headphone.

We’ll give a review as soon as possible.

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Just about any Beyerdynamic is generally pretty bright so the high end can be fatiguing.

The 1More triple is definitely not as bright, but sometimes can be a bit much. Sometimes.

Bass is fun on this. I use it specifically for when I want more bass, and at the same time want my mids to be pretty close and forward so that I can discern sounds in FPS games without actively listening too hard. This however has its ups and downs. You’re sacrificing a ton of soundstage here so if you’re expecting big and wide sound (from a depth perspective), I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

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I would say the highs are more clear on these, definitely not as sharp as the DT770. I also found a very noticeable difference between the 80 ohm vs 250 ohm of the DT770. The 80 ohm treble was too sibilant and sharp to my ears, but the 250 ohm was much less so and more tolerable. The bass also seemed more accurate.
Back to the Triple Driver, or ‘Tridents’ as I like to call them, which was going to be their original name. Compared to the DT700 250 ohm, there is definitely more sub-bass, the kind of earth-moving rumbling sub-bass, and also more bass overall. The midrange is even more recessed than the DT770, but that’s not really what they wanted to shine with this headphone. The high and treble was definitely less harsh, I didn’t find it fatiguing at all, it was very fun and beautiful with how clear it was. These headphones especially shine with bass heavy or Electronic music.
The comfort is not too great, since it is an on-ear in truth, but if you aren’t wearing headphones for more than an hour at a time it should be okay. The longest I was able to wear them before they became too uncomfortable was about 2 hours.
Soundstage is interesting. The high and treble almost sounds forward and in front, and the bass sounds like it is coming from much wider and further out. Kind of like you are wearing 2 headphones.
So if you are looking for what you said, and you don’t mind on-ear headphones, these may be your alley. Although, you need a good amplifier to drive these properly, or else they don’t sound good. I couldn’t run them off my phone, although an LG V20 may work. They sounded much better on my Cowon Plenue D digital audio player, so if you have a good amplifier, these will really shine when you give all of the drivers enough power.
Hope that helps!

@Antpage2 Sadly, no, the pads on these are non-replacable. The reason is because of the way they are built, with those openings on the front of the pad, that’s where the tweeter driver is located, and that is how it lets the sound come through. If you take good care of them though, they should last a long time.