Looking for bassy headphones for listening (mainly) to EDM - have a few candidates and a budget of around 150€

Doubt that will please you tbh. I demoed the Sundara with quite a lot of sub-bass EQ (10db lol) and it isnt nearly as powerful/fast/tight as the H1707.

I’m currently using a bit of bass/sub-bass eq on the DT880 to pull at least something out of the damn thing…

Yeah, the H1707 look interesting, but I have to watch stuff on YT, read review etc. I would also like if someone could compare it directly to the DT770 as that’s probably my main candidate as I know half the equation going with those (build, comfort etc.) and they are getting very good reviews and according to most people, they’re bassy. Even on Beyer’s site it list it with this:

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Seems quite the opposite to the one I have now lol, but that’s also why it would be great to have both for different occasions

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for

np, just use the search function on that head-fi thread and you find some stuff.
And there is one here as well.

Would love some subjective comparison as well tho. I’m an amateur in this field and can’t quite imagine what the graphs “sound like”.

Guess the DT770 has more pronounced treble (well, all Beyers do) and I’m probably into that as long as it’s not to the point where it becomes fatiguing. However, I don’t think that’s the only difference and there are a lot more, mainly because the build is completely different (3 drivers etc.)

I’ve watched some review on YT and they mentioned two cables, does it have just a regular 3,5mm or is it something more exotic? EDIT: From what I see on the seller’s page I guess it comes with two cables. One with two 2 pin and one with one 3 pin jacks…

This is the included cable.

Check out my review if you are new, might be a bit easier to get than other reviews.

Will do.
The other end is for an addon mic or is it for the third driver? Might be a total nonsense, but I heard something like that in the YT review…

They go into each cup (L/R).

Oh, I’m an idiot

The thing I’m most worried about is the comfort on those to be honest. Don’t wanna mess with returning and stuff if it somehow ends up not comfortable. I had some comfort problems with on-ear designs since my ears are a bit protruding.

EDIT: Well, out of on-ears I reckon trying some cheap JBLs and they had low clamp, so that was probably also a big factor. With those I had that issue. I also had some Sonys with batteries and vibrating bass (crazy stuff) that were on-ear and those were fine. It’s a bit of gamble tho.

That is a legit concern. As you saw in a post I linked above, there are people that have changed the pads to help that.

Yeah, and that probably changes the sound as well and then it’s an unknown land.

Feel like the DT770 would at least be a safer choice for sure. Will probably try to find someone who tried both and can compare.

The problem with beyer stuff is that they got those upper-mids and treble peaks.



That is not a well tuned treble IMO.

Yeah, but that’s stuff I’m now listening to for more than a year on the DT880 and am still living with it.
It’s funny that some people praise those Beyer peaks and describe them as a stand-out advantage.

Once you heard something thats better tuned, it will be hard to go back.

Is there one of those for the other models of dt770, from what I’ve heard the 32 ohm model is regarded as the worst dt770

Well, the DT880 isn’t my first headphones, but they’re the first which I would call quality headphones. I can certainly notice those peaks and in some tracks it’s for good, in some for bad.