The DEALS thread

Jade 2 is pretty nice imo, but I feel that they could have given the energizer more juice

All prices canadian, all sales until January 2nd?
Edit: What? No thumbnails for Bestbuy? Argh! Haha!

Half price Klipsch floorstanding speakers (800$ off!):

2700$ off, now 1600$ (polk audio floorstanding):

330$ off, now 100$ (Harman Kardon bluetooth?)

350$ off, now 450$ (receiver):

650$ off, now 800$ (4K 9.2 channels… wow that’s expensive AF):
800$ off, now 1300$ (Another one…):

Basically half price (Klipsch r41m):

150$ off, now 100$ (may be worth 100$… polk audio bookshelf):

Half price (Klipsch 12" sub!):

300$ off, now 550 (receiver):

250$ off (Klipsch… that’s a HUGE center), now 350$:
Half price for this one (Klipsch):

1375$ off, now 800$, EACH, for Polk Audio floorstanding speakers? Damn…

450$ off, now 1200$, for the Sony, SSCS5 (or whatever it was) “hi-res audio” speakers 7.1 + atmos? kit.

External drives and SD Cards:

Half price external:
Another one:

50$ off, now 25$ (again!) 128gb microsd sandisk:

75$ off, now 55$ (again!) 256gb microsd sandisk:

Added infos because no thumbnails. Merry hi-fi christmas week. :stuck_out_tongue:

1 more triple driver headphone $132.99 at eBay.

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Z really loved these headphones, and Josh loved them for movies. they really sound interesting on Zeos video. The gold version is available on ebay for only 132$ as per above. Used to be 250$

I remember seeing these on the master switch website best headphones. a website i really respect. I love the way these look. mostly made in metal they look like the rims of the Maserati car (they have a deal with them). bought em, let you guys know what i think


I would give a warning about the gold colored ones. Apparently those use a different material for the driver that does not sound as good. The silver color actually sound better for some odd reason.
I can definitely recommend these for a very unique headphone. I have tried them, and they are the next one I want to get when I save up enough money. Fairly wide sub bass and close pinpoint treble. If you want more info on my thoughts on them feel free to PM me! :wink:

how much of a difference are we talking about?

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Not sure how many of you have looked at the Cavalli LCX amp from Drop. It sounds kind of tubey.
It is a decent amp for $300.00. It is a great amp for $200.00, which is what I paid.
Today it is $160.00 on Drop!

I love this amp XLR out to my Beyer T5p.2’s. Smooths out those sharp edges.

Oh well, Topping D50S for 185$! It’s still 250$ minimum on eBay.

Some people said the bass wasn’t as good and they sounded more hollow. Plus I guess there are some knock-off ones being made that are that color too.
The silver sold by the 1More company themselves on Amazon were the type I tried, and I loved them. Plus going through 1More the company you get excellent customer service and they usually will listen to any questions you have and answer them.

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These are new and apparently in stock

Looks to be a very mild tuning of the Aether Flow

#DropMustFall… see how little traction I’ll get off this post

why must Drop fall? they’ve been a boon to the industry

If anybody wants Grado SR60e… they are on sale on eBay for $45.99 or best offer with free shipping either way.

You can get a 3 year SquareTrade protection plan for them too for $5.
These usually sell on Amazon new for $80.

EDIT: On second thought, it says from Japan… not sure if those are legit now. It says ships from New Jersey but they could be knock offs.

Emotiva closeout specials on some nice HT accessories and a kick-ass sub for a great price if you happen to be looking for one.

Thx 789 and many beers

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B&H photo pro-audio closeouts. Shop w/ confidence, i’ve used them often especially at work. Sometimes the deals are exceptional but you have to keep up w/their sales.

This deal was too good not to pass on…


Click on the price too high listing and request that you found it cheaper elsewhere


Ummm, what?

I’ve never had any issues with Drop, so I’m also curious as to why they “Must Fall?”