200$ Headphones... but "easy to find worldwide"

Well, hi, i never bought a headphone before and i wanted to get 1, the problem is… i l i f e i n f * c k i n g b r a z i l, and guess what, each dolar here costs like 6 BRL, so no 200+ headphones, and also no amps and dacs…cause i dont have the money.
From what (i think i know from experince) i like bass, but not too much bass, sometimes i like to sit back and just hear some BFG division on my sh*tty wannabe apple earphones, but i dont live on bass, i like some rap, eletronic music, rock (sometimes), and even some classical music. (i do like pop but i only listen to it once in a month, tho i rlly love some well recorded instrumental music).
I do play some games tho, not hardcore, like gtav, metro, need for speed, dark souls and games like that, so i dont need a lazer focus imaging headphone, but more of a wide easy to use headphone under 200 bucks.
i dont rlly care about the headphones being open/closed cause im gonna be ussing it on my desk.
(also no i do not need a mic).
The headphones i have in mind are: philips shp9600, akg k361, 1more tridents, (cause price dropped alot u can get them for 150 on aliexpress), mh752, cloud flights, takstar pro 82, x2hr. (and more on the deal list)
(i dont rlly know about beyerdynamic, and btw no Massdrop headphones cause they dont exist here where i live and the shipping would kill me.)
btw the beyerdynamic tygr 300r is a no bueno cause they cant ship to brazil, same goes to any Monoprice headphones.
1 more thing, i see alot of akg k701 and k702 ads, are they any good? cause they priced around 150-180 dolars ish.
PS: When i say “they cant ship” i mean that i havent found anyone that ships them to brazil.
for reference imma post here the deals that i have finded:
Pro82: 200-300 BRL (50 USD)
akg 361: 800-900 BRL (hard to find) (150-180 USD)
shp 9600: 500-600 BRL (100-120 USD)
X2HR:1000 BRL (aka the limit of my budget) (200 USD)
Hifiman he400se: 900-800 BRL (180 ish USD)
Sony mdr1m2: 800-1000 BRL (180 to 200 USD)
1more tridents: 700-800 BRL (130-150 USD)
Gold plannar gl600: 1000 BRL (200 USD)
mh752: 500 BRL (100 USD)
btw when i say “fun” and “serious” i think is like: fun/relaxed is more going to the V shapped and warm sounding headphone, just to sit back and enjoy a game or you music. Now to the serious side, it goes more close to the 560s and 6xx/hd58x, precise imaging, tight soundstage, mid and highs with more emphases on them, and the bass is more steped back.

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I highly recommend the Sennheiser HD58X if you can find them used, or if you change your mind about the international shipping on Drop.com. It’s the best headphone I have heard for $170, and I personally like it better than the higher end models (HD600 and 650). it has great extended bass that is not overpowering, and great clarity in the midrange and treble.

Well, the hd58x is a big problem for me, well, sometimes somebody sells them (here in brazil) for 2000 to 3000 BRL with is like 200-250 USD, witch is just too much for me, not only that but, to find them used for an acceptable price (170-) is very hard, and is even harder to find 1, that has a acceptable price and ships to brazil. (fix: 2000 to 3000 brl is 600-400 USD, sorry there, i got the numbers from my head).
And (from the reviews i watched) i think that this headphone goes more to the “serious” side, and thats not rlly what i want, i want a more fun headphone, wide, a little bassy, and the hd58x is more nero, and detailed.
But if i find a great deal they would be my 1º pick.

560s directly from Sennheiser is an option. While not bassy cans, you might be surprised by the sound quality and the price seems to be at your budget.

Yea they are a good option but… from the brazilian Sennheiser store, they go for a stupid 1,650 BRL (aka 300+ dolars).
So i would first find a good deal.
But another thing that keeps me a little concerned, is that (from what i saw on z reviews), they dont have that much soundstaging, they go more for that “serious” side, that has good imaging and good detail pick-up but not alot of “fun” in it, and if im not wrong, i need an amp to drive those, cause of the 120 ohms.
So idk.

What about the Philips Fidelio X2? They are supposedly fun V shaped sounding headphones for around $150. Not sure about availability to Brazil though.

Yea those are right now my top 10.
here in brazil they go for 200 usd on aliexpress (the x2hr)
(im just not rlly sure about them cause, im trying to find a warm wide headphone, but the mid in the x2hr is my real concern).
thats why i prefer the shp 9600 over these

Is there koss availability for you? I recommend kph30i, porta pros and KS75. They work great without a amp and if you can get yaxi pads the soundstage for each of those headphones gets decently big.

I like k361. I sold my 1more triple driver over ear cause I prefer k361. Shp9600 is decent, it depends on whether you’re looking for open back or closed back. I have hifiman he400i 2020 version too, not the se version so can’t comment much

I think i can get the kph30i for 200-300 BRL, (40-50 ish USD).
Yaxi pads is a no tho, but i can do the “ultra” mod. (grado gs1000 pads).
(i can get the others too,porta pros and ks75).

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If i need to be specific, i prefer a open back.
To you, how does the akg 361 sound like, and how does it compare with shp 9600 (i know, open back vs closed back).
And how does the k361 go against the tridents? And does the trident need some sort of amp?
If i bought the he400se/400i 2020 (from the reviews i saw they are bassicaly the same headphone just with some changes in the sound, people say that the 400se/i is a baby version o the sundara), can i use them (400i/se) without an amp?
1 last thing do you know anything about the hd 559, 579 and 599?

I’m no expert, so I can’t share in detail as well, I can only tell you how it sounds to me.

Trident’s treble bothers me a little, I find it too bright. K361 vocal is fuller and more engaging in comparison.

SHP9600 personally sounds like an open back version of K361 to me, but K361 has more detail and sounds cleaner than SHP9600.

Out of all the options you mentioned, I like hifiman he400i 2020 version the most. The usual characteristic of planar, the bass is faster and tighter than the above 3. Vocal is natural and treble is airer without sibilance. However this is also the hardest to drive. Just mobile phone may not have enough volume and bass is muddier without enough power. I tried it with fiio Btr5, soundstage is small and little instrument separation. Using proper desk dac and amp, it really opened up the headphones! Though soundstage isn’t great, it isn’t claustrophobic.

Nope the only sennheiser I own is 58x. Love the vocal!

My personal preference, I like warmer and fuller vocals and huge soundstage

K so, the he400i/se is a no go for me.
Do you have any suggestions of a headphone that sound similar to the 400i? Like a “warmer and fuller vocals” headphone, with good soundstaging and at least ok imaging?

And 1 last thing, have you ever used the sony mdr1m2 or the pro82?
Have a nice day!

58x has really good vocal but you mentioned that its hard to get it where you reside right? And the soundstage is intimate. Then maybe k361, not the most detailed or clean sound, but the sound is very enjoyable to me. Being closed back, don’t expect good soundstage.

Nope have never tried mdr1m2 or pro82

Ps if you’re just starting out, I think both k361 and shp9600 arr gonna sound good. Until you start listening to much better headphones then you’ll notice the flaws in the cheaper ones. Honestly if you’re just starting out, personally I think either one can’t go wrong. I would choose it base on whether I want something open back or close back

why are you ruling out an amp? just curious. you might be missing out on some sound potential even with a cheaper amp.

i used the he400i 2020 with a 30 bucks amp from china and it sounded awesome and the amp added volume and improved the sound noticably. i’d recommend it over the he400se looking at what else you are looking at since it’s a bit more warm and fun sounding than the leaner, thinner sounding se. it depends on what you like though. also keep in mind that the he400se supposedly is optimized for mobile use. so eventhough they sound very similar overall, the he400se has lower impedanz and lower sensitivity. it wasn’t a giant difference when i compared but i definately had to volume match. the difference is noticable and could be crucial for your use case.

(p l e a s e tell me what is that amp and where did u go it from.)

The reason i dont get a amp is the availability, remeber what i said about living in brazil, if it is already hard to find a good headphone, is even harder to find a decent amp/dac that costs less than 1000 BRL. (cause if u how much overpriced stuff there is in here, you would go crazy).
my only options for amp/dac are the ones from FIIO. (cause aliexpress).

The other reason is the price, if i got the he400se, i would pay something like 780-900 BRL (160-180 ish USD), and them i would need to add a amp in there, witch for that price the most that i can get is a FIIO K3, Q1 mark 2, btr3k/btr5 and thats it. ( i dont know anything about cost to perfomance of these amp/dac because i dont really know about amps, so dont call me dumb).
But even those amps i would need to get a little higher budget. (witch would be little hard, but possible).

1 last thing i would like to get a help from you, (because u seen to already have some experience with it), is what brands of amp/dac i should look for, other than schiit audio, jds and brands like that, because i dont know anything about amps, other than i need them to use some headphones.

Thank you for the help!

Yes, the hd58x is very hard to hard to find here, and even when i find the prices are little extreme.
(300+ USD)

Yes, i also dont think i can rlly go wrong with the headphones, but i want to know what is the best of the best that i can get with this amount of money.
(and because i want to get me a set of headphones that i can use for a long time without having to think that my headphones are outdated)

my top 5 right now would be: HD 559/579/599, k361, shp9600, pro82/mh752 and x2hr.
But, if i could get a amp, the HE400se would be 100% my top 1 pick.

the chinese amp was by a brand called nobsound and i got it on amazon. or douk audio and the seller was nobsound. can’t remember exactly. you should find some stuff by them on amazon, if they ship to brazil. it sounded great with my HE400i 2020.

i don’t have much experience with amps overall though. i can only recommend the ifi zen can, which works great with my sundara. but something tells me, it will be hard to get for you too. did you try to find some local hifi shops or just amazon and similar?

I have 1 question, well let me give some context first, the he400i are selling for 1300-1500 BRL, also translates to: TOO MUCH, and the he400se are selling for 800-900 BRL.
(1500 = 300 USD, 900 = 180-190 USD)
How does the 400i compares to the 400se, because if it is just a small diference, there would be no reason to pay 600 BRL more.

The shipping price from amazon scares me too much (150-500 USD of shipping)